Centos free memory

This enables the use of tools like ssh, scp, rsync etc easily with multiple VMs without thinking of different ports. The second network adapter is a host-only Adapter that enables my host computer (aka my terminal windows) to SSH directly to the guest VM, or to access a web interface for example. When using VirtualBox […]

Centos lsusb

You can also add several option to the cv command just like other commands. One useful option is having to know the estimated time remaining for a copying operation or a move operation particularly for large files. Adding the -w option will just do exactly that.

Centos bash history

Полезным будет внести некоторые изменения в. Настройка хранения истории в bash_history.

Centos firewall status

The standard ones are www. Depending on your shared hosting plan, other names like info. A canonical (or sub domain) name looks like canonical. Com can be used – the “canonical” is chosen by you.

Centos keepalived

487736+02:00 Keepalived_vrrp: Process [141278] didn’t respond to SIGTERM I can provide more details if you interested How I can solve this problem. Hello, I am using keepalived with mysql but I am getting lot of warnings : version Keepalived v1. 420972+02:00 Keepalived_vrrp: Process [136289] didn’t respond to SIGTERM qde4bd 2016-10-19T02:20:37. 425677+02:00 Keepalived_vrrp: Process [136284] didn’t […]

Centos certbot

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Centos nginx restart

Today, I’m going to show you how to install Nginx with PHP-FPM via. In the last article, I showed you how to install Nginx and PHP (PHP-FPM) on CentOS 6 from source.

Centos extend partition

Here, I’m going to reduce the logical volume tecmint_reduce_test. Already there is 4GB data in the volume. Now its 18GB in size. For demonstration, I have created separate volume group and logical volume. We need to reduce it to 10GB without data-loss. That means we need to reduce 8GB out of 18GB.

Centos composer install

Net, so people ran into SSL issues when automatically fetching the PEAR installer via HTTPS. Net people switched DNS to let pear. Unfortunately my server did not have a SSL certificate for pear. Net point to my mirror server, which went active late in 2015-11-30.

Centos habr

Рассмотрены основные моменты настройки iptables в Centos 7 – установка, добавление правил, проброс.