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– 100% PORTUGUÊS – Versões 1. 8 – Aceita conta OFFLINE Autenticação ao entrar – Clans – McMMo – ChestShops – Casamentos TAG no chat: Love : Pode ter casa para casal e dar beijos – Eventos: Chuva de XP todos dias as 23hrs – Leiloes – Banco para depósitos de XP e Money;.

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6 PvP Server with latest and lots of custom content, no downtimes. Stable work since 2008, One of the oldest and stable PW server, Great community, Professional staff, Join Now. Start with great gears. 1 PvP and PvE High rates customized servers with latest content and 1.

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Exp 500% Drop 500% High Rate Server, Free, No Pay2Win,
Custom Features . Gamez Black Desert
Private Server. 3D Chibi MMORPG No Pay to Win. We reopened recently with new server and new features, continue the
development of Ether Saga Odyssey, let’s start over and make another epic story
to tell.

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In Luxury Shop, Spawn protection, Epic boss 100 % function, NPC BUFFER. L2 OFF Interlude, 35x Rate, Stacking Subclass System, BALANCED Classes, Events, Potions, No Lags, Trully Geodata, Daily Backups, GM Online Evry Day, CH Buffs for 1 hour, Class Transfer, Shots, Enchants, and etc.

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private server browser mmorpg

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