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Python backports.ssl match hostname redhat

Input_values: The Referenced Attribute (CephStorage resource. BZ – 1371644 – Default enabled plugins must match product support. Install 'cradox' (recommended) or upgrade 'python-rados' >= 9. Python- tempest and python-tempest-lib; BZ – 1382814 – Backports for.

11 and Python 3. We should see that without SSL_CERT_FILE being set, Python’s SSL module expects a CA certificate file at /usr/local/ssl/cert. Pl and a ca-bundle. If you need the Root CA certificates, download curl and in the source tree run lib/mk-ca-bundle. So either, you set SSL_CERT_FILE to a certificate file with Root CA certificates, or you place a file with Root CA certificates at /usr/local/ssl/cert. Crt file will be generated. I can confirm that setting SSL_CERT_FILE will work with OpenSSL 1. 2d with Python 2. Pem (for those who installed OpenSSL to /usr/local/ssl).

1-1 – New upstream release – Brings IP Address ServerAltName handling – Better fix. Changelog * Sat Dec 19 2015 Toshio Kuratomi – – 3.

Télécharger pour toutes les architectures proposées; Architecture Taille du paquet Espace occupé une fois.

Match_hostname() function from Python 3. Ssl-match-hostname – The ssl.

The log says : CertificateError: hostname ‘ip_address’ doesn’t match either of ‘www. Can’t install Mysql-Python on Redhat.

I’ve just checked and I see that the repo is still split into two separate repositories, one called ubuntu14 and one ubuntu12, both of which contain a file named “python-tornado_4. Deb”, with different sizes. The issue we had is that as we only have one repository for all of our clients, normally our packages contain strings like 1trusty1 or similar to distinguish between the two distros meaning that we can have both versions in the same repository and the OS will automatically pick the right one.

1-1)] /bin/python3

Is this change now permanent, in which case we need to also split our repository into ubuntu12 and ubuntu14 repositories. Just for further information – we have a repo into which we put the salt packages as we need the ability to install different versions which are removed from the public repo when new versions are released. We noticed that with 2015. 8 the repo has been split into an ubuntu12 and an ubuntu14 repo, and the naming of the packages now also causes us issues as the python-tornado package has the same name for both distros (rather than having 1trusty1 or similar at the end).

Match_hostname() function from Python 3.

If this split is now permanent we will need to re-factor our internal repository, which could be done if needed, but I’d be interested to know what the reasoning is for the change in naming from the previous version (along the lines of salt-common_2015.

Without knowing more, my guess is that docker-machine is overwriting the defaults (somehow) when it provisions the virtual machine. But the openssl call appears to have worked, so I’m not sure this is an issue, and I don’t understand why docker-compose would fail.

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