Red hat ceph support

red hat ceph support

With Red Hat Ceph Storage, we have. Confidence in our ability to support . Red Hat® Ceph Storage is open, software-defined storage designed for object.

, Nodes) and OpenShift users can extend the scheduler with their own placement policies. OpenShift includes Kubernetes for container orchestration and management. Users access Kubernetes via a secure API to deploy pods, which include one or more containers managed as a single atomic unit. Kubernetes schedules containers across a number of server hosts (i.

With support from a community of individuals and enterprises around the world, it’s a. Red Hat Ceph Storage. Red Hat OpenStack Platform delivers core Infrastructure-as-a-Service and more for your. Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Red Hat Ceph Storage comes bundled with Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat Ceph Storage significantly lowers the cost of storing. RED HAT CEPH STORAGE. RED HAT CEPH STORAGE ON INFINIFLASH FROM SANDISK. Red Hat Ceph Storage allows. Red Hat Ceph Storage and InfiniFlash can support stand-alone object storage by. In Red Hat and SanDisk testing, the.

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And integrating support for the entire ecosystem on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but it also. Ceph is consistently the overwhelmingly preferred block and object storage solution for. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. Red Hat has assembled an industry-leading.

Red Hat acquired open-source middleware provider JBoss on June 5, 2006, and JBoss became a division of Red Hat. [22][23] On December 12, 2006, Red Hat stock moved from trading on NASDAQ (RHAT) to the New York Stock Exchange (RHT). In 2007 Red Hat acquired MetaMatrix and made an agreement with Exadel to distribute its software. On September 18, 2006, Red Hat released the Red Hat Application Stack, which integrated the JBoss technology and which was certified by other well-known software vendors.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 s’appuie sur la version « Jewel » du projet open source
Ceph et apporte le support de l’authentification Active .

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Cette version inclut un nombre important d’améliorations de performance et est la première version stable à proposer la fonctionnalité d’outil de déploiement « ceph-deploy » à la place de la méthode précédente « mkcephfs ». Le 7 mai 2013, l’équipe de Ceph propose CuttleFish, la 3e version majeure de Ceph.

Deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage clusters and NVMe SSD in performance tiers that are optimized to support the bandwidth, latency, and IOPS requirements of.

Après sa remise de diplôme à l’été 2007, Weil a continué à travailler sur Ceph à temps plein. L’équipe du développement du noyau s’est agrandie en incluant Yehuda Sadeh Weinraub et Gregory Farnum. En 2012, Weil créa Inktank Storage pour fournir des services et du support professionnel à Ceph.

Red Hat Ceph Technical Support. Reviews, ratings, alternative vendors and more – directly from Red Hat Ceph experts.

Designed for cloud infrastructures and web-scale object storage, Red Hat® Ceph Storage is a massively scalable, open, software-defined storage.

red hat ceph support

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