Red hat directory server net.ipv4.tcp keepalive time

General In some cases it is good for the swap partition to be used. For example, long running processes often access only a subset of the page frames they obtained. This means that the swap partition can safely be used even if memory is available because system memory could be better served for disk cache to improve overall system performance.

ELhugemem kernel: $ ls -al /lib/modules/2. Kernel Upgrades Make sure to install the latest kernel where all proprietary drivers, if applicable, are certified and supported. Note that proprietary drivers are often installed under /lib/modules//kernel/drivers/addon. For example, the EMC PowerPath drivers can be found in the following directory when running the 2.

If the directory is expected to be used by a large number of client hosts simultaneously, these values should be raised to at least 1024 by adding a line similar to the following to the /etc/init. The tcp_conn_req_max_q0 and tcp_conn_req_max_q parameters control the maximum backlog of connections that the kernel will accept on behalf of the Directory Server process.

If you use CDs to install the database, do not change directory (cd) to /mnt/cdrom to execute. Starting runInstaller An important point to note. If you do so, the installation will fail because you will not be able to change the CDs.

Su – root export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/10. Tips and Hints for Oracle 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux To reinstall Oracle 10g after a failed installation attempt, you might want to execute the following commands. Make sure you first used the “De-installation” option in the OUI.

/u02, /u03, /u04 and so on, should be used for the database files. The db_name represents the DB_NAME initialization parameter which is typically the same as the SID name for single instance databases. Creating Oracle Directories /u03/oradata/ /u03/oradata/ The mount point /u01 should be used for the Oracle software only.

Oinstall /u01/app/oracle If you want to comply with Oracle’s Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA), then you do not want to place the database files in the /u01 directory but in another directory, file system or disk such as /u02: su – root mkdir -p /u02/oradata/orcl. Creating Oracle Directories For Oracle 10g you only need to create the directory for $ORACLE_BASE: su – root mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle chown oracle.

Setting Shared Memory bytes=2736783360 lpid=3688 cpid=3652 nattch=0 att_time=Sat Oct 29 13:36:52 2005 det_time=Sat Oct 29 13:36:52 2005 change_time=Sat Oct 29 11:21:06 2005 To remove the shared memory segment, you could copy and paste shmid and execute: $ ipcrm shm 32768 Another approach to remove shared memory is to use Oracle’s sysresv utility.

Tcp_keepalive_timeparameter is the time before the first keepalive packet is sent out. Configuring Linux TCP Keepalive.

For systems with more than 2 GB of RAM it states the swap space can be between one and two times the size of the RAM. Pre-Installation Preparation and Verification 19. Verifying Memory and Swap Space Oracle states that the system must have at least 512MB of RAM and 1GB of swap space or a swap space twice the size of the RAM.

Hardware Architectures and Linux Kernels 2. General When it comes to large databases the hybrid x86-64 architecture platform is strongly recommended over the 32 bit x86 platform. 64 bit platforms can access more than 4GB of memory without workarounds.

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