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Red Hat Product Security Risk Report: 2015 -

The downside, however, is that code based cryptography has large key sizes. Code-based cryptography includes cryptographic systems which rely on error-correcting codes. The Post Quantum Cryptography Study Group sponsored by the European Commission has recommended the McEliece public key encryption system as a candidate for long term protection against attacks by quantum computers. The original McEliece signature using random Goppa codes has withstood scrutiny for over 30 years.

“Red Hat has become a strategic technological partner for Ampersand. Thanks to its large product portfolio, we have managed to integrate a comprehensive solution, from the enterprise operating system to the application server, from integration solutions to enterprise portals,” said Vargas.

The fingerprint format can be specified using the FingerprintHash configuration option in ssh_config, or with -E switch to ssh-keygen. The new hash is longer and therefore it is represented in base64 format instead of the colon-separated hexadecimal pairs. In most places both hashes are shown by default (SHA256 and MD5) for backward compatibility:. As can be seen in the previous paragraph, OpenSSH moved away from MD5-based fingerprints to SHA256 ones.

While we would love to provide similar ratings to all container images, we currently only rate Red Hat RPM-based container images because of the data available for analysis. We hope to continue to build on the breadth of analytics available on the Red Hat Container Catalog.

red hat enterprise linux customer portal

You will need your rhsa-announce subscription password to access that page (the one you entered in the WebUI or that MailMan generated for you if you subscribed via email). After selecting your topics of interest, click on “Submit My Changes” at the bottom of the page to save your options. Once you are subscribed, go to the subscription options page, log in, and scroll down to the list of topics to select those that you are interested in (see the screen capture below).

Come test your knowledge, and win some awesome prizes in the process. We are pleased to announce we will be hosting a series of games in Participation Square at Summit that will cover all things security including recent vulnerabilities, product enhancements and more.

Visit the Customer Technical Support Portal. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11, 10. Do you have questions about solidDB. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 System z®. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, 5. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

Yum Command Cheat Sheet for Red Hat Enterprise Linux -

With our Product Security Team’s support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can safely deploy apps across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes military-grade security technologies—from network firewall control to secure containers for application isolation—to prevent intrusions and protect your data.

We also used the time to provide clearly understood information about the flaw, and how it impacted our products, which can be found in the Vulnerability Article noted below. Red Hat, along with other Linux distribution vendors and the upstream Kernel security team, received one week advance notice on BlueBorne in order to prepare patches and updates. We used this time to evaluate the issue, develop the fix and build and test updated packages for supported versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

A lattice is the symmetry group of discrete translational symmetry in n directions. This approach includes cryptographic systems such as Learning with Errors, Ring-Learning with Errors (Ring-LWE), the Ring Learning with Errors Key Exchange and the Ring Learning with Errors Signature. On the other hand, there is no supporting proof of security for NTRU against quantum computers. Some of these schemes (like NTRU encryption) have been studied for many years without any known feasible attack vectors and hold great promise.

This enables a private /tmp directory for each daemon that is not shared by the processes outside of the namespace, however this makes sharing between processes outside the namespace using /tmp impossible. Daemons running on systems which use systemd can now use the PrivateTmp feature. The main difference between polyinstantiated /tmp and PrivateTmp is that the former creates a per-user /tmp directory, while the latter creates a per-deamon or process /tmp.

This update addresses that problem by presenting all the host keys to connecting clients, allowing for a smooth transition between old and new keys. New keys had to be distributed to all users and swapped in the server configuration atomically, otherwise users would see scary warnings about possible MITM attack. Setting up a new system accessed by SSH, or generating new server host keys which satisfy new security requirements, was a complicated task in the past.

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