Red hat linux interview questions and answers pdf

red hat linux interview questions and answers pdf

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These may be values you supply, or values that Quick Test generates for you based on conditions and options you choose. In each repetition, or iteration, Quick Test uses a different value from the Data Table. Environment variable parameters enable you to use variable values from other sources during the run session. Data Table parameters enable you to create a data-driven test (or action) that runs several times using the data you supply. There are four types of parameters: Test, action or component parameters enable you to use values passed from your test or component, or values from other actions in your test. For example, to check how your application handles small and large ticket orders, you can have Quick Test generate a random number and insert it in a number of tickets edit field. Random number parameters enable you to insert random numbers as values in your test or component.

Free download/ pdf and ppt file Red Hat interview Linux Red Hat. Red hat linux interview questions and answers for Swap file, Inode, parted, inode, LVM.

Another popular element in Linux is its mascot, a penguin . 1) What is Linux. Linux is an operating system based on UNIX, and was first introduced by Linus Torvalds. It is based on the Linux Kernel, and can run on different hardware platforms manufactured by Intel, MIPS, HP, IBM, SPARC and Motorola.

red hat linux interview questions and answers pdf

Red hat linux interview questions and answers for Swap file, Inode, parted, inode , LVM, Partition Resize & Linux Process States.

When running a test, it test fails in opening a dialog box, QTP does not necessarily abort the test run. In the expert view to add optional step, add optional step to the beginning of the VBScript statement.   By default QTP automatically marks as optional steps that open certain dialog boxes. In order to set an optional step in the keyword, right click and select “Optional Step”.   The icon for optional step would be added in next step.   It bye passes any step designated “optional” and continues running the test.

Also if you do it as root, you can effectively kill your installation in a split second. NOTE: Using the rm -rf command is very dangerous, you should only use this when you know your stuff. Used in the wrong way you delete everything, if you don’t have backups, there ain’t any UNDO in Linux. The first I run against my backup directory, that removes the online backups older then 3 days. Of course I’ve also got offline backups. The second is when I checkout stuff from CVS and I want to prune all the CVS information.

red hat linux interview questions and answers pdf

You can also choose to save only the selected area of the object with your test or component in order to save disk Space. You can check an entire object or any area within an object. Image checkpoints enable you to check the properties of a Web image. Using the bitmap checkpoint, you can check that the map zooms in correctly. While creating a test or component, you specify the area you want to check by selecting an object. You can check an area of a Web page or application as a bitmap. The results of bitmap checkpoints may be affected by factors such as operating system, screen resolution, and color settings. The map has control keys for zooming. You can create bitmap checkpoints for all supported testing environments (as long as the appropriate add-ins are loaded). You can record the new map that is displayed after one click on the control key that zooms in the map. For example, suppose you have a Web site that can display a map of a city the user specifies. Quick Test captures the specified object as a bitmap, and inserts a checkpoint in the test or component.

Red hat linux administration interview questions and answers pdf We at hirist have compiled a read pdf adobe air list of.

Linux Administrator Interview Questions and Answers, linux admin interview questions, linux administrator interview questions, linux interview questions pdf. You are installing RHEL in new system that will used by an administrative assistant to type documents, create presentations, and manage e-mail.

– In this ,the Action Object Repository , Script and Datable will be copied to the destination Test Script. 2) Call to Existing Action. – In this,  Object Repository , Script and Datable  will NOT be copied but a call (reference) would be made to the Action in the source script. 1) Call to copy of Action.

  While recording, QTP will identify and store peculiar properties (as defined in the Object Identification settings) in the object repository of the GUI object. QTP identifies any GUI Object based on its corresponding properties. At run-time, QTP will compare the stored property values with the on-screen properties, to uniquely identify the GUI object.

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