Red hat plays hardball on openstack software

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Is a Sunnyvale, California, based B2B cloud computing services
company. In
2013, Red Hat announced that it would partner with Mirantis in offering the
Mirantis Fuel . It focuses on the development and support of OpenStack. OpenStack
is an open source software platform for cloud computing infrastructures.

That Red Hat is, in fact, choosing not to support rival OpenStack distributions because it doesn’t want to help a competitor. But let’s say all of this is wrong. This may not appeal to open-source purists who want peace, love, and Linux, but it’s standard operating procedure for most technology companies, and it’s consistent with open source, too.

So the answer to Furrier’s question of who, if anybody, will be the “Red Hat of OpenStack” may well be Red Hat. For all these reasons as well as its large presence at the Summit, Red Hat appears to be stepping up to the leadership role that Rackspace is leaving.

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 Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu Linux company Canonical, told me that in this week’s OpenStack Summit Survey, five out of six “super user” profiles were building their clouds with Ubuntu. Unsurprisingly, Red Hat’s competitors are playing up the controversy for all it’s worth. The other was on CentOS.

In this interview, Mark discusses what OpenStack is, typical use cases for OpenStack, and how it fares against competing solutions. Hear what Red Hat OpenStack’s technical lead Mark McLoughlin has to say about Red Hat’s latest cloud offering.

Open source software is for everyone – so where are the women. By Red Hat and the O’Reilly Open Source Awards, which had four women among five.

Eventually, after using and promoting Linux and Free Software throughout my career, I wound up working at Red Hat. Musings on Open Source.

And it could be the best thing that could happen to OpenStack, even if it means the community becomes a bit less free-wheeling and a bit more grown up. OpenStackers won’t like to hear this, but neither did the Linux community 10 years ago. This may be Red Hat’s next billion-dollar moment.

some Red Hat rivals, partners and customers fear that it is . Red Hat has embraced OpenStack, a new kind of open-source software.

Ante, Spencer, 2014: Red Hat Plays Hardball on OpenStack
Software. Struction of the genesis of open source software projects and their changing

Red Hat has gone on to clarify (and again. For RHEL customers, this means it needs to ensure it can effectively stand behind the software it certifies to run on RHEL. Arguably, it can’t do this for rival OpenStack distributions. And again) that the reason it won’t support rival OpenStack distributions is that it needs to take responsibility for the product it delivers to the market.

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