Red hat satellite user management

Subscription-manager for the former Red Hat Network user - part

Satellite is part of Red Hat’s four-piece systems management tool set for enterprise IT, which also includes Ansible, CloudForms and the Red Hat Insights service. Red Hat Satellite is an IT infrastructure management tool primarily used to monitor and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

Configure Cloud Instances for Use with Red Hat Satellite. Using Red Hat Systems Management Tools in a Hybrid Cloud Matthew Mariani – @MEMariani.

Every time Puppet Enterprise ensures the systems are in their desired states, it sends inventory data and configuration reports to Satellite. The operating system provisioning process installs and configures the Puppet Enterprise agent on each newly provisioned RHEL system.

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about system management with Red Hat Satellite.

red hat satellite user management

The XO-4 laptop, the latest[update] machine of this project, runs a slimmed-down version of Fedora 17 as its operating system. Red Hat engineers worked with the One Laptop per Child initiative (a non-profit organization established by members of the MIT Media Lab) to design and produce an inexpensive laptop and provide every child in the world with access to open communication, open knowledge, and open learning.

To begin using the interface, you must first register your systems to RHSM. Once registered, systems can be managed through the Customer Portal to receive bug fixes, manage updates, view system information and track individual subscriptions and entitlements.

Dogtail, an open-source automated graphical user interface (GUI) test framework initially developed by Red Hat, consists of free software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is written in Python. Red Hat announced the release of Dogtail at the 2006 Red Hat Summit. It allows developers to build and test their applications.

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You can use this page to create, delete, activate, and . The Users page on the Red Hat Satellite web server provides suitable tools to
manage Satellite users.

On September 18, 2006, Red Hat released the Red Hat Application Stack, which integrated the JBoss technology and which was certified by other well-known software vendors. Red Hat acquired open-source middleware provider JBoss on June 5, 2006, and JBoss became a division of Red Hat. In 2007 Red Hat acquired MetaMatrix and made an agreement with Exadel to distribute its software. [22][23] On December 12, 2006, Red Hat stock moved from trading on NASDAQ (RHAT) to the New York Stock Exchange (RHT).

Over and above Red Hat’s major products and acquisitions, Red Hat programmers have produced software programming-tools and utilities to supplement standard Unix and Linux software. Some of these Red Hat “products” have found their way from specifically Red Hat operating environments via open-source channels to a wider community.

You get partner integrations; professional Puppet support for all your platforms; a selection of supported Puppet modules, including some exclusive to Puppet Enterprise customers; and unique Puppet Apps to help you manage complex infrastructure touched by multiple teams. Powerful as open source Puppet is, you can do a lot more on RHEL (and your other platforms) with Puppet Enterprise.

Red Hat Satellite helps IT teams manage different aspects of their Red Hat infrastructure from a single interface. In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Red Hat Satellite can manage the lifecycle of other Red Hat infrastructure and configuration products, including:.

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