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It was a pleasure to listen to him, and so part 3 beckons. With time against him, Dave managed to get to the LNER B1 class and he still had 35 slides to go. After the AGM, Dave was in good form for part 2 of his show. The tales that followed were of his time with each loco that he had been called upon to attend to in his capacity of a fitter. He carried on from the Hughes Fowler Crab locos and quickly got into his stride. As an example, a discourse of problems with a run-down Holbeck ‘Royal Scot’ lasted for ten minutes.

    2002 Woodhead Tunnel- Dunford Bridge End – Pennistone, (8 miles), & Barrow Hill Open Day, (Sunday, 21 April)
    2003 Teversal Trail & visits to Steeple Grange Railway & Wyvern Rail, Wirksworth, (Sunday, 13 April)
    2004 Chellaston (Derby Canal) & Swarkestone – Worthington, (Sunday, 17 October)
    2005 Marple – Macclesfield – Middlewood Way (again), (Sunday, 17 April)
    2006 Brampton Way (again) – Market Harboro’ – Draughton & Lamport Railway, (Sunday, 1 October) 2014 Ticknall Tramway, (Wednesday, 30 April) .     1990 Darley Dale, Middleton Top and Cromford, (Saturday, 18 August)
    1991 Millers Dale – Monsal Head and Darley – Matlock, (Sunday, 28 April)
    1992 Hartington – Middleton Top, (Saturday, 11 April)
    1993 Eggington Junction – Friargate and Breadsall – Morley Tunnel, (Saturday, 17 April)
    1994 Northampton – Brampton Way, (Sunday, 17 April)
    1995 Middlewood Way from Macclesfield and Sett Valley Trail, Hayfield, (Sunday, 23 April)
    1996 Frogatt to Consall, Cheadle and Oakamoor, (Sunday, 14 April)
    1997 High Peak Trail – Parsley Hay to Whaley Bridge, (Sunday, 13 April)
    1998 Caldon Low Branch and part of nearby tramway, (Sunday, 5 April) 
    1999 Parsley Hay – Ashbourne, (13 & a half miles), (Sunday, 17 April)
    2000 Wombwell and Worsborough Incline – Silkstone & Kirklees Railway, (Sunday, 16 April)
    2001 No Dawdle due the foot-and-mouth restrictions.

We then progressed down the line with all the present day familiar locations being shown – Port Soderick, Crogga Woods,   Santon, Ballasalla, Castleton Colby, and Port St. Off next to the Port Erin line where David started with a shot over the river bridge on the edge of Douglas – today this isn’t really possible due to tree growth. Santon and Ballasalla were both illustrated in their original state before proper platforms were constructed. Mary to Port Erin. 8 on a photo charter in the cutting at Oakhill which is the summit of the line. Then coming right up to date he included no.

red hat society quiz

Society founder Sue Ellen Cooper, known as “Exalted Queen Mother,” gifted a friend a copy of this poem and a red hat. Decked out in her own red hat found at a thrift shop, Cooper and her friend started going out for tea. Two became four, four became eight, until within a short time, nearly 20 friends were flashing southern California the full red and purple. That group splintered off into another, and as the women attracted media attention, the word of this frivolous “dis-organization” spread.

17B was a double roundhouse, the first being opened in 1869 and the second in 1889. Now for a very brief summary of a fascinating evening which attracted the attendance of 18 non-members. One part was always known as “Pullman’s Avenue” after Driver Jack Pullman, the driver who had the misfortune to find that his steed, 58236, was so low in steam that the brakes didn’t work and this resulted in part of the shed wall being demolished.

It was also refreshing to see ‘Galatea’ at work along the Cumbrian Coast Line before we were taken back to Shap to witness Castle Class 5043 tackling the bank. The lads had film of it leaving Holyhead and we were informed that this was the first time for 40 years that a Scot had left this Welsh port. It was good to see the second half start off with a ‘proper’ engine – re-built Scot 46115, not that your reviewer is biased of course. Then we were transported back to late 1950s with ‘Britannia’ leaving Paddington. More footplate footage, this time on 60009 ‘Union of South Africa’ heralded the celebration of the re-opening of the Waverley route as far as Tweedbank. Meanwhile a return was made to the S&C to enjoy the sights of ‘Leander’ and ‘Galatea working the “Dalesman” trains whilst Ben Collier went into “mountain goat” mode to get to a high vantage point to capture 46115 at speed through some beautiful scenery. There was a particular evocative film of the Brit crossing the Royal Albert Bridge at Plymouth with the whistle wailing long and loud. A brief foray was made to the Highlands to see K1 62005 on the Mallaig trains before the evening drew to a close with 46100 ‘Royal Scot’ itself on its test run on 22 December 2015. Soon we were enjoying more David Oldfield cab footage with 70000 ‘Britannia’ charging along the sea wall route through Dawlish & Teignmouth.

The Purple Orchids - Campaign

Colin ended the first half with a summary of the good and bad points of both classes. Moving on to the West Country and Battle of Britain 4-6-2s, these came about because there was a need for locos of a lighter form for the holiday lines beyond Exeter. The first 48 engines were all named after places in the West Country, but as the class also needed to work in Kent, it was felt inappropriate to continue this naming policy for the next group of engines. The B of B class therefore had winged shaped nameplates, but in the end this mattered little because named locos from both batches worked in both areas. So, with Kent being at the fore front of the Battle of Britain, names relating to this were chosen. The weight of these classes came in at 86 tons and so the Civil Engineer was happy.

Then to Tyne Dock shed which was Ian’s particular favourite establishment. I quite agree as it had a particular appeal although I only visited it once. We really came to appreciate his new style of approach with the different angles he used as steam drew to a close. Trying to get away from the maddening crowd was his description of being back on the Cromford & High Peak on the last day of its operation. As Ian said, “There are only so many dirty black 5s you can photograph the traditional way.

Straying further afield again, we saw images on the ex-GW line in Warwickshire, particularly at Hatton Station where, quite surprisingly for the time, was ex-works 6853 ‘Morehampton Grange’ on a down passenger working, yet that well-known 4-6-0 7029 ‘Clun Castle’ looked decidedly unkempt.

GW 1400 class members then performed on the slow train to Hemyock. Lichfield Trent Valley and Crewe South shed featured briefly before we were onto reel 103B and the Chard Branch with an interlude at Taunton featuring 7036 ‘Taunton Castle’ at its home town station. Mike has a vast collection of film at his disposal and so was able to take us abroad as well as all over the U. Once again we were pleased to welcome Mike Clemens to show examples of cine film taken by him, but mainly by his late father Jim. Next it was on to Salisbury for a special hauled by 34051 ‘Winston Churchill’ with the return leg hauled by 7029 ‘Clun Castle’, before checking the long lost branch line at Standbridgeford. Early preservation days on the Paignton & Kingswear was followed by a trip to Barnstaple using the long lost Great Western route. Thus we started in Majorca, moved to Wales and then to Kilmerstone Colliery, Somerset to watch colliery wagons using the steep incline.

Carolyn Givens When my parents moved back. And another small man. The Bible Quiz Subculture September 28, 2015. A similar recombinant aesthetic guides the viral Red Drum Getaway mashup which through. “a transition from an industrial-growth society to a life-sustaining society” and points.

red hat society quiz

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