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Redhat 7 wwn

redhat 7 wwn

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5, 6, 7 . How can I find the WWN (World Wide Name) of my QLogic card in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux.

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Advanced Zoning (default zoning, port/WWN zoning, broadcast zoning). *SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Red Hat Enterprise Linux. DPI Universal 7 C13 PDU (with 2. Lenovo B6505 and B6510 FC SAN Switches > Lenovo.

My trip running for VCDX has spanned over three years. During my VCDX Trip I have changed companies once, Changed position 3 times, changed countries three times, & even change continent from Middle East(Asia) to Canada(North America). After that I have upgraded my design to vSphere 4 & passed VCP4 & VCAP-DCD and was looking for the opportunity to defend when the defense come close by & here its right in my town in Toronto two weeks back. If things go all around again, I would still for sure run for it. I have completed the per-requisites for VCDX3 before the last VCDX3 defense, but I could not defend as it was held in the US and I failed to obtain the Visa on time back then. It was a hell of a trip with all these busy moves, but it was well worth it. Today in the morning when I opened my e-mail, I could not believe my eyes when I got the congratulation letter for being VCDX#89 after defending two weeks back in Toronto.

Cisco C880 M4 Server with SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter ...

Posted by mikent on February 7, 2012. To Find all HBA insterface on your system: lspci -nn | grep -i hba. How to find WWPN of HBA on RedHat 6.

I was actually surprised to see how large of a package I got knowing that I did not order anything that big lately. Below is a picture of the box before even picking it up. To be more accurate VCDXSanta has left my VCDX gift box at FedEX office and requested me to pick it up. When I went to the VCDX office I had no clue what the package I got and they refused to share any information about it with me on the phone. As soon I read the address on the package I was able to tell its my VCDX goodies & swapped my phone and took a picture of the package at the FedEX office which got them to give me a weird look as I had no clue what package I am expecting when I arrived there and now shooting a photo of the package. While VCDXSanta has missed Christmas day this time, he still delivered my VCDX gift box today.

C:Windowssystem32>powermt display dev=all
Pseudo name=harddisk1
VPLEX ID=FNM00123123123
Logical device ID=60001110000000111111F69795C23D18
state=alive; policy=ADaptive; queued-IOs=0
————— Host —————   – Stor – — I/O Path —   — Stats —
### HW Path               I/O Paths   Interf. Mode     State   Q-IOs Errors
5 port5path0tgt3lun0 c5t3d0     06       active   alive     0     0
5 port5path0tgt2lun0 c5t2d0     04       active   alive     0     0
5 port5path0tgt1lun0 c5t1d0     00       active   alive     0     0
5 port5path0tgt0lun0 c5t0d0     02       active   alive     0     0
3 port3path0tgt3lun0 c3t3d0     01       active   alive     0     0
3 port3path0tgt2lun0 c3t2d0     03       active   alive     0     0
3 port3path0tgt1lun0 c3t1d0     05      active   alive     0     0
3 port3path0tgt0lun0 c3t0d0     07       active   alive     0     0.

redhat 7 wwn

Previous message: Redhat 7. It does run, I ran into 2 dependency issues, one was IPtables, I removed it, we aren’t using it. 3 kernel updates on 7.

Multipath configuration is done exclusively via /etc/multipath. Next paragraphs assume that you know a little bit the multipath configuration file structure. For a comprehensive review of this configuration file please see http://sources.

The example belows shows the WWN number of the qlogic 2300 adapter on RedHat 3. Awk Introduction – 7 Awk Print Examples · Advanced Sed . Question: How do I lookup the wwn address of my HBA card installed on.

The Lenovo B6505 and B6510 FC SAN Switches provide exceptional price/performance value by delivering market-leading 16 Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel technology and combining flexibility, simplicity, and enterprise-class functionality that supports highly virtualized environments to meet the demands of hyper-scale, private cloud storage.

Getting the LUN WWID on RHEL is critical when dealing with multiple different Storage systems. You can use the scsi_id command to find a WWID scsi_id -g -u.

redhat 7 wwn

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