Redhat anaconda yum plugins

redhat anaconda yum plugins

正常情況下系統是會幫你安裝好各項軟體的。只是傷腦筋的是,剛剛好 Scientific Support 裡面的軟體都是『可選擇的』!而不是『主要的 (mandatory)』, 因此預設情況下,上面這些軟體通通不會幫你安裝!!如果你想要安裝上述的軟體,可以使用 yum install atlas fftw. 一個一個寫進去安裝~ 如果想要讓 groupinstall 預設安裝好所有的 optional 軟體呢?那就得要修改設定檔!更改選 groupinstall 選擇的軟體項目即可!如下所示:.

EL-6, rhel-base, 1: 1. Description: The anaconda yum-plugins package contains yum plugins that are
useful for anaconda and other system.

Further detailed information of a package can be viewed with the ‘info’ argument. As shown below, this provides us with useful information such as the architecture, version number, release number, total size, as well as a description of what the package actually does.

那有沒有想過,如果我的 Linux 系統與廠商的系統一模一樣,那麼在廠商的系統上面編譯出來的執行檔, 自然也就可以在我的系統上面跑囉!也就是說,廠商先在他們的系統上面編譯好了我們使用者所需要的軟體, 然後將這個編譯好的可執行的軟體直接釋出給使用者來安裝 ,如此一來,由於我們本來就使用廠商的 Linux distribution ,所以當然系統 (硬體與作業系統) 是一樣的,那麼使用廠商提供的編譯過的可執行檔就沒有問題啦! 說的比較白話一些,那就是利用類似 Windows 的安裝方式,由程式開發者直接在已知的系統上面編譯好,再將該程式直接給使用者來安裝,如此而已。.

redhat anaconda yum plugins

Rhel — the repository in which the updated package is located. Yum check-update Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit, subscription- manager.

Anaconda — это программа установки, которая применяется в Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux и некоторых других дистрибутивах.

Anaconda is the installation program used by Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and some other distributions. During installation, a target computer’s.

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The LiveCD tool is probably one of the easiest tools to start using and configuring – Familiarizing yourself with this tool is a great way to begin working with Kickstart files and testing your image in your chosen virtual environment. While Learning how to create a custom CentOS spin, I ran across 3 main tools – LiveCD, Pungi & Revisor. After a number of different test installs and trial by fire testing, LiveCD  emerged the victor primarily for its ease of use.

For anybody using the command line directly there will be some differences, but all the important operations are available with DNF, using the same CLI syntax. This change will be completely transparent for users that use only the graphical package management tools.

Anaconda is the installer used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and their. Yum – the package manager which handles installation of packages and .

[[email protected] ~]# yum check-update Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading. Packages in various Linux distributions including CentOS, RHEL and Fedora.

為了解決這種具有相關性的軟體之間的問題 (就是所謂的軟體相依屬性),RPM 就在提供打包的軟體時,同時加入一些訊息登錄的功能,這些訊息包括軟體的版本、 打包軟體者、相依屬性的其他軟體、本軟體的功能說明、本軟體的所有檔案記錄等等,然後在 Linux 系統上面亦建立一個 RPM 軟體資料庫,如此一來,當你要安裝某個以 RPM 型態提供的軟體時,在安裝的過程中, RPM 會去檢驗一下資料庫裡面是否已經存在相關的軟體了, 如果資料庫顯示不存在,那麼這個 RPM 檔案『預設』就不能安裝。呵呵!沒有錯,這個就是 RPM 類型的檔案最為人所詬病的『軟體的屬性相依 』問題啦!.

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