Redhat apache documentation

redhat apache documentation

D and SuSE uses /etc/init. Depending on who you talk to, the P also stands for Perl or Python, but in general, it is assumed to be PHP. This document will walk you through the installation of what is known as a “LAMP” system: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I run CentOS on my servers; these directions were written for CentOS/Red Hat/Fedora. The main difference between the distributions is in the paths to the startup scripts. I have had requests for SuSE (another RPM-based distribution) as well as Debian-based systems, so I will work on variants of these directions for those distributions in the future. Red Hat systems used /etc/rc.

) and start building. Now we’ll change to the “working” directory where the source code is, change the file ‘ownership’ for the source tree (this prevents build issues in reported in some cases where the packager’s username was included on the source and you aren’t using the exact same name to compile with.

You're viewing documentation for an older version of Kafka – check out our current documentation here.

With the release of Apache . The default configuration works for most situations; however, it is a good idea to become familiar some of the more important configuration options. Conf file is well-commented and mostly self-explanatory. The Apache HTTP Server configuration file is /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.

redhat apache documentation

The only steps that need root access are the actual installation steps, but by doing the configure and make steps as root, the source code will also be inaccessible to “regular” users. Because we will be installing software to directories that “regular” users don’t have write access to, and also possibly uninstalling RPM versions of some applications, we’ll log in as root.

Otherwise, you can rerun configuration process by browsing //administration_console/ocsreports/install. Php URL (this must be used when upgrading OCS Inventory management server). As database is not yet created, this will begin OCS Inventory setup process.

Good understanding of Windows and UNIX environments and Scripting: UNIX: Linux Red hat. Servers: Apache, Microsoft IIS, Web Logic 5. , Microsoft Word, Excel, Project. Demonstrated mastery of documentation software (e. Web Servers: Jakarta, Tomcat, Apache, IIS.

redhat apache documentation

Overview of File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS) · 1. Document Conventions · 2. Why Share a Common Structure. Deployment Guide · Introduction · 1. FHS Organization · 1. Send in Your Feedback · I. Special File Locations Under Red Hat Enterprise Linux. File System Structure · 1. File Systems · 1.

Need access to an account. If you are a new customer, register now for access to product evaluations and purchasing capabilities. If your company has an.

You need to configure a port range on the Data Protector Server if Your backup clients are in a dmz or behind a firewall.

Confined processes run in. When SELinux is enabled, the Apache HTTP Server (httpd) runs confined by default.

Upgrade process looks like configuration of management server as described in the section Configuring management server. At the end of the process, Setup will launch your default browser to run the upgrade process to ensure that your database schema and default data are up to date.

redhat apache documentation

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