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Redhat bash command not found

RedHat Linux 5޷ʹifconfigô죿-ϵͳ֮

After simple checks I've asked you in answer comment: [[email protected] yum. D]# yum -bash: yum: command not found [[email protected] .

Iam seeing double entries:
[[email protected] ~]$ $PATH
bash: /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/opt/aws/bin:/bin:/home/radha/apache-hive-2. 0/bin: No such file or directory.

Well this article aims to compare RedHat (Fedora, CentOS) and Debian (Ubuntu) from an administrator point of view.

A user could also chang the name to preserve a session where he knows that the commands will be unique, intending to change it back later on. I think the reason for the HISTFILE feature would be for a large network where the history file name has been standardized for all of the users.

redhat bash command not found

I have installed successfull the ns2. Tclscripts can’t be compiled,morover,uptil now(because i have just tried very simple & small programes) “puts” command is not working. I have installed cygwin in g drive. It is saying- command not found. I am opening the prompt from desktop shortkut & entering the directory by-
$ cd c:
$ cd cygwin
$ set a “5”
$ puts a
bash: puts: command not found
also i was trying to find whereis “puts command” i found the location but i dont know how to handle the problem.

I realize that bash is the default shell and. An observation: It’s not immediately clear from the title and introduction that this article applies to the bash shell.

I’ve deleted them from the history now but changing the file name/location of the history file would appear to make it more difficult for a malicious script to access. It wouldn’t stop someone who knew what they were doing because they could just read it pragmatically but I don’t know, if someone managed to inject code into something capable of reading files, like a panel app that appeared to do something legitimate, having the history called something different would make it less compatible. That’s the only reason to change the location that I can think of, but one of the things I really like about Linux is that rather than hardcode things that no one can think of a reason to change they’re left open so that should one want to (or find themselves in a situation where it is useful) the stuff no one can think of a reason to change still can be changed if needed.

redhat bash command not found

Please note that adding ls to the HISTIGNORE ignores only ls and not ls -l. So, you have to provide the exact command that you would like to ignore from the history. Sometimes you may not want to clutter your history with basic commands such as pwd and ls. Use HISTIGNORE to specify all the commands that you want to ignore from the history.

CDargs is not exclusive to BASH, but is a great addition and works on *nix based systems, including OS X. Download CDargs here in source or rpm. Impress your friends and colleagues with lightening fast directory switching using the CDargs bookmarking tool.

Some common files that may modify aliases are: ~/. Active aliases can be viewed by executing the alias command. Profile, /etc/bashrc, /etc/profile, files in /etc/profile. Modifying the Bash Shell with the set Command.

I’m trying to install ElasticSearch with godaddy hosting, but it’s keep getting me this error: -bash: sudo: command not found echo $PATH/usr/local/jdk/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/.

Thanks for the details, is there any option in nslookup to use specific interface for DNS. As my primary interface IP does not have connectivity , but my secondary interface has connectivity , since by default nslookup uses primay interface i was not able to query the DNS.

redhat bash command not found

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  11. What would be the “correct” way to script/ins. I am running fedora Core 3 and have several ifconfig commands I am currently entering manually.

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