Redhat bonding alias

Redhat linux 6 64 bit

After that, it was off to the Gordon Biersch pub just down the street. Weird), and the conversation was good. Matt and Claudio tried to set me straight on US voter registration (that is, registering as a Democrat/Republican/Independent); I think I understand now, but it still seems very strange to me. The food was good, the beer was free (though the Marzen tasted different than at the Fairmont.

Hi everyone, today in this article we’ll learn how to install puppet to manage your server infrastructure running ubuntu 15. Puppet is an open source software configuration management tool which is developed and maintained by Puppet Labs that allows us to automate [.

I used ports 1/23 and 1/24 (ports 23 & 24 on switch 1). Just figure out which ports you want to use for your bond and enable LACP on them. A port-channel is automatically created when the Linux host brings up it’s bond interface(s). The Dell switch configuration is surprisingly easy.

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redhat bonding alias

As a result, they’re evaluating Puppet — yes, even after 6 months of effort to port. In fact, because it took 6 months of effort to port. (Which MB says is much more flexible and simple: do Java class hierarchies really simplify anything. And because Puppet does hierarchical inheritance, whereas Cf3 only does sets and unions of sets.

” “I think I can address that. It’s federally funded, so you’ve already paid for it. It works and it gets you a working cluster quickly. You should use it unless you have a good reason not to. And FAI was mentioned too, which apparently has support for CentOS now. ” (laughter) Answer: inconsistency with installations; not all RPMs get installed when you’re doing 700 nodes at once, so he uses Rocks for a bare-ish install and Cf3 after that — a lot like I do with Cobbler for servers. One guy said (both about this and the question of what installer to use), “Why are you using anything but Rocks.

The afternoon was taken up with data closet/centre setup training. Very, very good stuff once everyone got talking — the slides were ‘way thin, but my notes filled the rest of the book. Since I’ve learned what I know about this by making mistakes, it was good to think of maybe shaving a mistake or two off my list from the future.

The course was interesting, and I will be keeping the slides handy for future reference. However, some of the material was already familiar from Tom’s books, and some of it just did not apply to me because it was aimed at much bigger departments. It was also crowded — there was not a free seat in the house.

Not say “Yeah, the vendor’s patch is coming in a couple weeks. ” Stripped down; they only include about 110 packages (JEOS: “Just Enough Operating System”) in the default install. They wrote their own installer: “If you’ve worked with OpenSolaris before, you know that it’s actually pretty easy getting it to work versus fucking getting it on the disk in the first place. “Holy wars” slide: they use IPS (“because ALL package managers suck”) and vi (holler from audience: “Which one. The afternoon talk on OmniOS was interesting; it’s an Illumos version/distro with a rigourous update schedule. The presenter’s company uses it in a LOT of machines, and their customers expect THEM to fix any problems/security problems.

On the plus side, active-backup mode does not require any configuration of the switch, so it may have value if the hardware available does not support any of the load balance modes. ” active-backup: There is not much advantage in this network topology to the active-backup mode, as the inactive backup devices are all connected to the same peer as the primary. This mode requires the switch to have the appropriate ports configured for “etherchannel” or “trunking. In this case, a load balancing mode (with link monitoring) will provide the same level of network availability, but with increased available bandwidth.

1 has apparently just come out, fixing a bug that he’d tripped across: inserting a file into the middle of another file truncated that file. Cf3 would divide the first file in two (as requested), insert the bit you wanted, then throw away the second half rather than glom it back on. In fact, version 3.

And make the vegetarians/vegans happy; if all they get to eat is crackers and soy bologna, you will hear about it. They’ll never come back. You don’t want people scattering to the four winds to eat. Everyone in the same room for meals — either bring it in, or have one place close by designated and ready.

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