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Redhat cluster preferred node

redhat cluster preferred node

With Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 (11. Configuration assistants start after the installer interview process that will be responsible for configuring ASM and Oracle Clusterware. You must install the Grid Infrastructure in order to use Oracle RAC 11g Release 2. 2), the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Oracle Clusterware software is packaged together in a single binary distribution and installed into a single home directory, which is referred to as the Grid Infrastructure home. While the installation of the combined products is called Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Clusterware and Automatic Storage Manager remain separate products.

Once you are satisfied with the new Target IQN, click the [Add] button. For the purpose of this article, none of settings for the new iSCSI target need to be changed. This will create a new iSCSI target and then bring up a page that allows you to modify a number of settings for the new iSCSI target.

151′ (RSA) to the list of known hosts. Ssh/authorized_keys The authenticity of host ‘racnode2 (192. Ssh/authorized_keys The authenticity of host ‘racnode1 (192. [[email protected] ~]$ ssh racnode1 cat ~/. 151)’ can’t be established. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no). Yes Warning: Permanently added ‘racnode2,192. [email protected]’s password: xxxxx [[email protected] ~]$ ssh racnode2 cat ~/. Yes Warning: Permanently added ‘racnode1,192. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no). RSA key fingerprint is 66:65:a6:99:5f:cb:6e:60:6a:06:18:b7:fc:c2:cc:3e. 152)’ can’t be established. 152′ (RSA) to the list of known hosts. RSA key fingerprint is 30:cd:90:ad:18:00:24:c5:42:49:21:b0:1d:59:2d:7b.

It wasn’t long, however, before Oracle realized the need for a more efficient and scalable distributed lock manager (DLM) as the one included with the VAX/VMS cluster product was not well suited for database applications. With the release of Oracle 6 for the Digital VAX cluster product, Oracle was the first commercial database to support clustering at the database level. 2 which gave birth to Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) – the first database to run the parallel server. Oracle decided to design and write their own DLM for the VAX/VMS cluster product which provided the fine-grain block level locking required by the database. Oracle’s own DLM was included in Oracle 6.

Configuración Cluster HA con RedHat Enterprise

Data1 racdb-data1 racdb – ASM Data Volume 1 iqn. Crs1 racdb-crs1 racdb – ASM CRS Volume 1 iqn. Fra1 racdb-fra1 racdb – ASM FRA Volume 1. ISCSI Target / Logical Volume Mappings Target IQN iSCSI Volume Name Volume Description iqn.

[email protected]:~$ vdisk_config_printer | more. Vdisk_id: 1014400 vdisk_name: “NFS:1314152” parent_vdisk_id: 16445 vdisk_size: 40000000000 container_id: 988 to_remove: true creation_time_usecs: 1414104961926709 mutability_state: kImmutableSnapshot closest_named_ancestor: “NFS:852488” vdisk_creator_loc: 7 vdisk_creator_loc: 67426 vdisk_creator_loc: 4420541 nfs_file_name: “d12f5058-f4ef-4471-a196-c1ce8b722877” may_be_parent: true parent_nfs_file_name_hint: “d12f5058-f4ef-4471-a196-c1ce8b722877” last_modification_time_usecs: 1414241875647629.

It might be useful to create a little “this blog conforms to XYZ ethical guidelines” logo with a hyperlink under the logo to explain what those policies are. Many corporate websites have hyperlinks to a privacy policy statement. Some websites, including mine, have a little “this is XHTML compliant” logos on the page.

Sure more secure than the x-box that was achieved. Well other improvements which are beneficial are the microsoft office 07 now all the programs are designed just perfectly on that I will have to give props to microsoft. Making the os program more secure. I simply dont understand what they had in mind. Microsoft is pretty cool except with the new windows vista.

[[email protected] ~]# iscsiadm -m node -T iqn. 195 -l [[email protected] ~]# iscsiadm -m node -T iqn. 195 -l [[email protected] ~]# iscsiadm -m node -T iqn.

[[email protected] ~]$ export DISPLAY=melody:0 [[email protected] ~]$ ssh racnode2 hostname Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.

Make any changes required to ensure that only the date and host name is displayed when you enter these commands. Ssh/authorized_keys file on that node contains the correct public keys and that you have created an Oracle software owner with identical group membership and IDs. If any of the nodes prompt for a password or pass phrase then verify that the ~/. You should ensure that any part of a login script that generates any output, or asks any questions, is modified so it acts only when the shell is an interactive shell. When running the test SSH commands in this section, if you see any other messages or text, apart from the date and host name, then the Oracle installation will fail.

Info” IN { type master; file “idevelopment. Directory “/srv/named/data”; }; # ———————————- # Forward Zone # ———————————- zone “idevelopment. Zone”; allow-update { none; }; };. Zone”; allow-update { none; }; }; # ———————————- # Reverse Zone # ———————————- zone “1. # +——————————————————————-+ # | /etc/named. 1; }; // DIRECTORY: Directory where named will look for zone files. Conf | # | | # | DNS configuration file for Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 example | # +——————————————————————-+ options { // FORWARDERS: Forward any name this DNS can’t resolve to my router. Arpa” IN { type master; file “1.

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  2. Visit the Rowing Voice website to download the latest issue, register as a new subscriber or read free issues from Volume 1. Thursday 10th September 2009 THere is also a head of rowing position going at Kingston Grammar School (UK), to start January or March 2010. Uk with their name, address, contact phone number, and any special dietary requirements. The crew has been rowing to raise money for Orchid, a cancer charity, but have had to abandon the attempt after getting embroiled in media coverage following their rescue of the pilot. There are still a few tickets left for Talkin Tarn’s 150th anniversary dinner (Saturday 26th September, Wetheral, UK). Entries for Bradford Regatta (UK) close at 2pm on Sunday 6th September (UK). Monday 7th September 2009 Tonight on the BBC (UK), a sewage investigation. Rowing coach moves to politics, Armin van Buuren at rowing champs opening (both WorldRowing, FISA). Scottish Rowing (UK) has published the latest guidance on boat transport in the UK, the result of consultation between the ARA’s lawyers and the Association of Chief Police Officers. There is a full statement on the Peterborough City RC website explaining the situation. Anyone with information about the incident or events leading up to it is asked to contact PCRC in strict confidence. Last week a bunch of (mostly rugby-playing) guys trying to break the round-Britain rowing world record (UK) rescued a light airplane pilot when his aircraft flipped into a stormy Irish Sea. Like several clubs they use EasyTide from the British Admiralty to predict tide times and more importantly heights: though only a week’s worth free, it’s good data when an event is coming up and has information from all over the world. The club has access to an adaptive boat which could be used if need be. A cautionary tale (video from BBC News, UK) – here. Publishing here because I’m not sure where else they have yet been put online. The 2009 autumn/winter Thames Region seminars (UK) have been fixed. Cadence Rowing’s new Vo4 watch is now available in the UK through Fanatic Sports. A copy of Blood Over Water (one of the best rowing books ever), and a copy of this year’s FISA World Championships DVD. No doubt clubs will already have started making arrangements for loans from others out there, but any help given would be appreciated. Newly set up, Hull Rowing Club, a community club with city support started after the loss of the Hull University club. Mystic Worlds – the competition to predict the golds and win a DVD and book bundle, has results updated daily from the reps onwards. It has until the end of January 2010 but the more that sign early, the more ammunition we give the rowing supporters in Parliament to get something done about the sewage discharges. Mr Gregory wins a DVD of Paul Thompson’s Rowing & Sculling DVD. Closing date Wednesday 2nd September. Thames RC (UK) is planning various reunion events in 2010, its 150th anniversary year. Monday 24th August 2009 FISA worlds – live results and audio commentary via the FISA racetracker, with GPS data too showing relative positions of crews. Photos from the Home International Regatta are on Gerard Hoy’s Flickr page. Gerald Twaite, one of the honorary life members of Weybridge RC (UK), died whilst on holiday in Gibraltar on 23rd July. An article on NLRoei about why Sjoerd Hamburger isn’t going to the world championships (in Dutch). There is also a coaching objectives grid, a nice way to show how the club’s progressing towards its aims. And results from Henley T&V a fortnight ago (UK). Friday 7th August 2009 Rowing Voice Twittering from the junior worlds – twitter. FISA’s Athlete in Focus this month is Slovenian sculler Iztok Cop (WorldRowing). Tuesday 8th September 2009 The UK Surf Rowers League website (UK) has been updated with recent results including the open championships. Messageboard – the integral messageboard for Mystic can be used to discuss the worlds, but is also available to send good-luck messages to specific crews and athletes. Tuesday 18th August 2009 Melbourne University boat club (Australia) is celebrating its 150th anniversary on 3rd September this year. Spill of sewage into Thames kicks up a stink (Hazel Tyldesley, Sky News Online, UK). Birdman Photography (UK) is looking for a couple of clubs to borrow the new free-mountable video camera, to generate footage for use on the website. Closing date for that one 31st August, interviews on 21st September. The Scottish racing licence form has been updated (Word format, UK) – this version should be used from now on. Canada announced their world championships team – this year all fours, quads and eights apart from the two lightweight doubles. Com/ for full details. The incident didn’t happen in secrecy, there were witnesses, and it’s likely all the perpetrators will be found out eventually. The poster for Worcester Regatta (UK, 5th September) is online (PDF format). If they weren’t rowers, we’d all be shouting for them to be caught, wouldn’t we. Enter online from a button on the site. . They have also produced a range of MUBC 150th clothing, orders via the website. Iran is looking for a new juniors coach for six months to a year, deadline for applications 2nd November (PDF file). Wednesday 12th August 2009 Putney Town RC (UK) is running a men’s beginners’ course starting in September, with an open day preceding it on Sunday 6th September (1pm to 3pm). The ARA (UK) has three new jobs listed (closing dates variously 25th/31st August and 20th September). Meanwhile Milton Keynes RC (UK) is showing off with not only a website, but separately a photosite, a YouTube site, a blog and a Twitter page too. The Boston Globe (USA) calls the crew rowing’s version of the Dirty Dozen (ha. Details on the link. There are a few places left on the north-east England (UK) level 2 coaching course running from 11th September. Details of Bradford Autumn Regatta (12th September, UK). Instead the club will be holding their annual internal Captain’s Regatta, which external rowers are welcome to join for scratch racing. Announcements on the WEARA website for various southwestern summer regattas (UK). A random draw was done out of the Grand Challenge Cup (actually a Hotel Polonez teacup) by Mr Christopher Dodd, who knows nothing of Mystic matters, from these three names. Clicking on individual crew names will go to a timetable-style list of races for that club. The first 50 people to buy tickets will get the option to buy a beach party t-shirt for £2 (They will cost £5 on the night). A website for the Atlantic Water Babes, who are taking part in the 2009 Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race. Cambridge Autumn Regatta (Sun Sept 13th, UK) is open for entries on OARA. A book of the club’s history, Well Rowed, University, has been written (PDF flyer) and is available by mail or telephone order, details on the link, or online from the MUBC website. Article has the details. Kim Warwick, the club’s secretary, is the contact. Not on the poster, but included, are Veteran Novice eights, coxed fours, doubles and singles. See the poster and booking form (both Word files) for more details. It was going to take place during the August Bank Holiday weekend on a suitable tide, but there has been virtually no interest from potential competitors and so has been cancelled, with regret, by the organising committee. The regatta also hosts the 117th annual West of England Challenge Vase for Elite Coxed Fours. This guy didn’t have a kill cord, strongly advised for launch users because it would kill the engine the moment you fall out. Should be available on iPlayer for a week afterwards. Preferred method is OARA though telephone entries will be accepted between 10am and 2pm on the 6th, or by email to [email protected] The closing date is 9am on Monday 12th October. Note about the Tyne At Home regatta (UK) – it had originally moved away from its normal place in the calendar to allow the 175th Tyne Anniversary Regatta to take place. Coaching positions at Clyde Amateur RC (Scotland, UK, Word file) – also on the Rowing Service noticeboard. And Egham Regatta (UK) has also had a website redesign, nice and clean and with laudable plans to put older results online soon. Similar events for later members will follow later in the 2009/10 season and people are welcome to register interest in them now. Thursday 3rd September 2009 The Bewdley trailer carrying boats to the World Masters in Vienna rolled on the M25 while on the way. Email or phone him to book a free test run. The EUSA regatta begins today in Kruszwica, Poland. Crews are counted as “still in” as long as they are still able to race for the gold, ie able to get to the A-final. Funeral arrangements will be shown on the Weybridge website when available. He was secretary of the club in the early 1960s, and coached at both Weybridge and Stratford-upon-Avon. This year’s Northern Rowing Council AGM (UK) will be held at Chester le Street rowing club on Tuesday 10th November at 7:30pm. ) and the Head of the Charles committee has waived the one-event-only rule for all rowers taking part in the Poznan world championships so that the crew can also compete in the singles event the day before. BUCS crew updates via Twitter. Cost £40 per head (senior) and £37 (under-18). The programme’s about the whole of the Lea, and at 40 minutes into the programme Griff spends some time at Lea RC and tries his hand at fine-shell rowing (badly) in the famous Lea bow-loader eight. The Rowers Against Thames Sewage (mentioned on July 31, below), now has its website at www. James and David Livingston talking about Blood Over Water at the Windsor Festival (26th September, UK). Crimewatch – Peterborough RC (UK) had an unusual problem at their summer regatta ten days ago: in the early hours of Sunday morning their extremely expensive weedboat was sunk during what started as a rowing escapade by party-goers swimming in the lake, but quickly turned into what amounts to an act of vandalism. Open to lapsed and ex-members of the club, as well as those still active there. Entries are open now, and choices can be altered any number of times until midnight GMT on Wednesday 26th August, after the heats and reps. Entries close at noon on Sunday 20th September. Closing date for applications Friday 28th August. A website for the iErg, a seat-pad for the erg with integrated pocket for MP3 players, iPods and the like, to make erging with music easier. Wednesday 19th August 2009 London RC (UK) has a new senior coach position going. Prizes sponsored by Rowperfect and the Rowing Voice. Canada also has a full-time national domestic development officer job to cover maternity leave, deadline 31st August. Log in via the Voice website for all the worlds issues (issue 7a and its supplements) for a single cost of £3. Neat and tidy and with up-to-date reports. The competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world. It would be great to get it up further, since there are more than 20,000 rowers in the UK. Why rowing might be facing a cash crisis, Jurgen Grobler accused of cheating in Spiked, swan trouble in Cambridge, an interview with Tim McLaren, the Lucerne world cup, and coach Terry O’Neill on the problems of selecting crew boats. Sunday 23rd August 2009 Rowing Voice issue 3:6 now out – the worlds preview edition, £3. Friday 21st August 2009 Two days until the world championships begin: the official site is here in Polish and English – click through the sponsor splash-screens until you get to the main site. From FISA – Great8 reunite for American head race (that’s the Head of the Charles, in case you couldn’t guess). Tickets are first-come, first-served, ideally before 28th August. Video coverage doesn’t start until the semi-finals on Thursday, but they are putting up video interviews with athletes, some from before racing began. The winner was tuco, who turns out to be Christopher Gregory, proud father of new M4- world champion Alex. First come, first served. Over 100 entries were received in the last 24 hours. This much better format is now stanrdard for FISA events – though this link will give the current event, so once the senior worlds begin you’ll have to go hunting for the junior results. Any Talkin Tarn current or former members who wish to attend (there may be a few outside the reach of the NE Rowing mailing list this was originally published on) should email [email protected] A website I’m not sure I picked up before, for the West of England Amateur Rowing Association (UK). And the Rowing Voice online magazine is looking for two new publications assistants in the UK, closing date Monday 31st August. Take out a £20 annual subscription to the Rowing Voice and earn big discounts from rowing companies as well as a year’s good rowing reading. Net, China), Rowers from Yorkshire win sponsorship to tackle Atlantic (Yorkshire Post, UK), Ottawa rowers mine more gold at Henley (Ottawa Citizen, Canada), Rowers add to impressive medal tally in world junior championships (The Australian, Australia), Lucas, Wentzel help U. Rowing on Dragon’s Den (UK) – iPlayer link here for those in the UK or connecting to the Net via a UK VPN, about halfway through. Race Desk, Enclosure in the Sky, Rant, Letterbox, Good Read, a book review and the summer UK racing results. Monday 10th August 2009 The most convenient place to get the FISA junior results summaries and rankings is the communications page (files in PDF format). And LEH is advertising for another coach: see the Word file or the noticeboard link. Dart Totnes’ website (UK) has some neat features and has the advantage of being kept well up to date. I got permission to repubiish it on the Rowing Service (PDF format, English translation). More video – Wolfson BC Oxford’s recruitment video (UK) on YouTube, an epic put together from footage of the club training and racing. At the end of the 2009 world championships it emerged that three players of Mystic Worlds – rowingmum, tuco and ahadcroft – had successfully picked 17 out of the 27 new champion crews in Poznan. Entries for the World Coastal Championships can be made by clubs: details here explain that they must have the backing of the relevant national federation. OARA is already open for entries. Is there anyone interested in racing her. Uk with current news on the states of the Thames and particularly any details of London sewage release. The draw (PDF) is up. Pictures from Cambridge Town Bumps on Howard Guests’s Image File (UK). Rivers with Griff Rhys Jones (BBC, UK) is still on the iPlayer for anyone in the UK or connected via a UK server, until Sunday 30th August. Wednesday 26th August 2009 Vesta RC (UK) has shifted its website to http://www. Details of Monmouth Autumn Head (UK). The World Masters 2009 website is here (Vienna, Austria) – this is the club website so click on the World Rowing icon for the event site. The Melbourne University BC book now has its own website (Australia). Players who haven’t yet picked all their crews, get choosing. Uk/ – all the usual material on there including for their two head-race events. BUCS (UK) is running its annual club representatives development day (Sunday 13th September, UK, PDF file), this year sponsored by Price Waterhouse Coopers. A reminder that UL’s beach party is up on 22nd August (UK), featuring, apparently, “20 tonnes of sand, cocktails, barbecue, jelly wrestling, a 30-foot swimming pool, a rave tunnel with dark cushioned corners for dark deeds, and a credit-crunch busting £20 with free bar”. Note that though not explicit, Nottingham’s closing date (see below) is 19th September. Runcorn RC (UK) has an interesting coaching technique page, with video clips of the stroke filmed from different places in the boat, and advice. Also from FISA, Masters rowing live on the net from before last weekend. The deadline for entries (via the FISA website) is 5th October 2009. Mystic Worlds begins (repost from Friday) – correctly predict the most world champions in Poznan and win a DVD and book prize courtesy of Rowperfect and the Rowing Service. It’s much easier than it looks, because the site has charts showing how many times each crew has been picked, and how their popularity has changed through the regatta nad beforehand. Friday 14th August 2009 Entries for the worlds closed on Monday, and yesterday FISA published the list of entries and updated timetable. Just £20 per year, and including regular mini-issues (at least every 2 days) during the week of the world championships. Chester-le-Street ARC website (UK) has had a redesign. From last weekend, all the details, results etc from Royal Canadian Henley (Canada). Deadline for next issue – Thursday 13th August 2009. James Cracknell and Rebecca Romero are spending the next couple of days cycling non-stop on a tandem from Land’s End to John O’Groats in an attempt to beat the tandem record (just over 2 days, for 800+ miles). Rowing headlines – Fran Nichlls hoping to become Christine Ohuruogu of rowing (Telegraph London 2012, UK, think I’ve seen this before somewhere else), Local rower makes history at Henley (Orillia Packet, Canada), Golden weekend (Niagara Falls Review, Canada), South Niagara shines (Welland Tribune, Canada), Rowing simulator is just the tsart for Philadelphia University’s proposed college (Philadelphia Business Journal, USA), Rower picks up where she left off (St Catharine’s Standard, Canada), Underdog crew revels in gold (St Catharine’s Standard, Canada), Rowers get moment in sun after storm (St Catharine’s Standard, Canada), UCI cuts five sprts programs (New University, USA with an update), UCI rowing: fighting to stay afloat (ditto), D’Urso, Dilleen just miss out (Robert Treharne Jones, Irish Independent< Ireland), Dilleen and D'Urso pipped (Liam Gorman, Irish Times, Ireland), Rowing club plays host to WI party (Henley Standard, UK), Rain fails to stop play (Henley Standard, UK), Local crews dominate (Henley Standard, UK), GB success (Henley Standard, UK), Yorkshire motor group backs epic challenge (The Business Desk, UK), 2008 Olympic grounds still attracting big business (China Daily, China), Hamill to tell of family's pain (Waikato Times, NZ), Shanghai to restore historic Bund buildings before World Expo (Xinhua. Rowing Voice online magazine volume 3 issue 5 now out. On 27th September Thessaloniki rowing club (Greece) is hosting the 17th annual Alexander The Great Regatta, a 1000m seafront event (iink to the Word file of the poster). Anyone interested should contact captain Chris Parsons via the website. There are about 40 races involved. FISA have put the entire GPS archive of the world championships online, so you can 'replay' races. Results from the Inverness Sprint (Scotland, UK, Excel format). Maidenhead Regatta's results in Word format (UK). The advert and application form (both Word docs) can be downloaded to speed applications. Copies hav ebeen issued to all UK police forces, but those trailing or boat-topping should also read it and ideally carry a copy when transport rowing boats. And they also have a Case award EPSRC studentship at Imperial College, working with the bioengineering department and the GB rowing team to research biodynamics of rowing. Usually fills up quickly. The BUCS EUSA press release (UK). The UK Surf Rowing League has footage from the latest round of racing on MyCornwall. Thanks to Charles Robertshaw who posted this to the NE Rowing newsgroup yesterday. Log in via the Voice website. Monday 3rd August 2009 Sad news (UK) – sorry this should have gone up last week, but I mislaid the email. The results are now in the main results database with S and R denoting the PDF start-list and results pages as we get them at the course, with athlete names etc, and PF denoting a photofinish picture. 1 million pound upgrade together with a link to the information about works being done on the Thames this winter and lock improvment map (PDF). From Sport England, a press release about their new partnership with BUCS (UK). The first of these is a lunch on Sunday 20th September for all those active at Thames in the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s or earlier. The drivers are all OK< but the boats are unavailable. Details are already online for the Rowers Revenge Triathlon (UK), the usual row-bike-run extravaganza. Oarsome Potential, (UK) run by Emily Webb (recently on Dragons' Den), the inventor of new rowing handles and grips. Tuesday 25th August 2009 Rowing Voice worlds updates begin – the online magazine that brings you reports from Poznan, news, gossip, and a handy results summary (example PDF page here). Better for them to own up now, show remorse and cooperate with the police, or the consequences are likely to be much worse when they are identified. Looks like they had separate silver/gold and bronze/4th races. Wednesday 2nd September 2009 Poster for the UK's North-East Long Distance Sculling Series (Word doc) including additional local rules. The world juniors media guide had a good interview with French coaches Dominique Basset and Olivier Pons, which was interesting enough to warrant a bigger audience. Ignore the suggestion that they're coming back to rowing: that is apparently the figment of an overactive publicists' imagination though they say "we are tempted from time to time". The Tideway sewage petition (UK) now has more than 1,200 signatories. The ARA (UK) is publicising information about Sport England's small grants programme to increase sport access (PDF file), and the email 'helpline' at [email protected] UK entries must reach the ARA (or by then, British Rowing), before Tuesday 23rd September so they can be checked and authorised before sending to FISA. Cambridge '99's regatta (UK) has a disabled woman sculler in her 20s looking for a race, using an outrigger boat. I think he was very lucky indeed. So you can base your ideas on other people's suggestions. Sudbury International Regatta (UK) has its results in schedule order and tree format, with a nice clickable system going between the main list and each event in tree layout. How I rowed in Trafalgar Square (Berrows Journal, UK). Entries are open on OARA for Wallingford Long Distance Scull (UK). Closing date is when 550 entries (approximately 275 per division) have been received, or 6pm on Friday 25th September at the latest. Wednesday 9th September 2009 Job openings on the Rowing Service noticeboard – Emanuel School is looking for a new assistant coach, and Nottingham has a director of rowing vacancy (both UK). Despite two of the rowers being from Jersey, they are using the boat built by neighbouring rivals Guernsey and used four years ago. From the Environment Agency (UK), River Thames is set for 5. Monday 17th August 2009 FISA have confirmed the Youth Olympics qualified crews so far (PDF format, WorldRowing site). LAST CHANCE TO ENTER MYSTIC WORLDS – The competition to predict the gold medallists at the world champs closes tonight at midnight GMT. Note that the head is usually oversubscribed fast. Nice use of Google Maps. Easy log-in for Mystic Henloy players – if you've already played Mystic this year, you can log in with your existing username and password to have a go at Mystic Worlds. A summary of those who have qualified so far for the 2010 Youth Olympics after the junior worlds. Going back to the national veteran championships in June (UK), photos from Lawrence M Feaviour Photography. Anyone who wants high-resolution versions can contact him through Flickr. Rowing Canada's news page has details of the biennial multisport Canada Games, with rowing results from the event website. 'view' shows each race's results in the plain database format. Rowing results from the Maccabiah Games held in Tel Aviv (ISR) last month can be found on this page, the product of a search. A new website for Hull University BC (UK) at www. This year a Twitter feed will be updated when players change their choices. Each member of the winning crew will receive an NK Cadence T1 WristRate watch, plus their names engraved on the base of the silver trophy. See this webpage for the details or contact Ellie Garrett on dinners "at" thamesrc. Thursday 20th August 2009 Winners of the Bremer Cup competition (see 20th July), who now have a free entry and local expenses-paid trip to the regatta, were London RC's men, and X-Press BC's women (both UK). Here's a thought – even if you know and feel sympathy for the 15-20 rowers who did this, because it sounds like they didn't intend such a huge amount of damage, it would be much better to persuade them to turn themselves in. Results of the Coupe de la Jeunesse (Vichy, France) are out from the weekend (PDF files) and also from the overall Coupe site. Tuesday 4th August 2009 Sad news last week (UK) – Alps death-fall tragedy – former University of York rower Gary Nelmes. See the explanatory notes for rules on doubling, safety etc. Details of Durham Primary Regatta (Sat 26th September, UK). The Voice discount scheme is now in operation – click here to see which companies are involved so far (PDF). Win world title at rowing finals (Marin Independent Journal, USA), STC to organise T500 sprint (Sunday Times, Sri Lanka), Losing my sight didn't stop me from reaching the North Pole (Daily Mail, UK), Sarah Outen – rowing into history (YachtPals, UK), US women's eight wins gold at 2009 world rowing junior championships (USRowing via Row2k, USA), Lessons from the Connecticut River (Commons News, USA), Junior girls take a title treble (Newmarket Journal, UK), Top rower turns to sculling (Waikato Times, NZ), Veteran Page takes Jack Pike Sculls (Isle of Wight County Press, UK), Biggest ever entry at city rowing club's two-day regatta (Peterborough Today, UK), A special sighting (Long Beach Press-Telegram, USA), Rejects putting the awesome back into foursome (AOC, Australia), Olympic obsession (Annie Vernon's BBC blog, UK), This means oar (Maine Outdoor Journal, USA), The thrill of the chase (New Zealand Herald, NZ). See the Birdman site for the current demonstration. The OarRater stopwatch and ratewatch is now available to order, with "a specially developed algorithm to minimise errors due to uneven human input". Tickets by post (send name and a cheque payable to UL Rowing Ltd to 83 Hartington Road, Chiswick, W4 3TU), or on the door (queues likely). Details in their blog on the website, and a YouTube video of their interview on GMTV.

  3. The “Domain Name System”; What Internet users use to reference anything by name on the Internet; The mechanism by which Internet software translates .

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  8. By default, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) does not set the SQL Server Browser service to start automatically.

  9. This is done by instructing the database that a certain part of the query should be executed while the rest is to be treated as the user’s input. The only way an SQL Injection vulnerability could occur is if the web application trusts the user’s input without parameterizing it and using prepared statements.

  10. Just turn it on and get access to your favorite content like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and many others. VPN Unlimited is the ultimate solution to bypass internet censorship. This service will secure your online privacy and provide safe access to the open internet on your Windows PC anytime and anywhere.

  11. On iOS you sometimes need to. If configured properly what works in iOS 9 should work fine in iOS 10. The latest OS X and iOS betas work fine with L2TP/IPSec VPN.

  12. Connecting Windows 7 Remote Client Mikrotik Router L2TP IPSec VPN Server Configuration VPN setup. L2TP used by service providers to provide VPN service over.

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