Redhat dns config file

redhat dns config file

A lower MaxSpareThread can cause extra CPU usage for the creation of replacement child processes. More ramifications of high ThreadsPerChild is discussed here. Cautions: MaxSpareThreads < MaxClients causes IHS to routinely kill off child processes, however it may take some time for these processes to exit while slow requests finish processing. A second approach is to use a variable number of child processes, but to aggressively limit the number created by IHS in response to demand (and aggressively remove unneeded processes). Cautions A WebServer crash impacts 100% of the clients. CPU usage may increase if SSL is used and ThreadsPerChild exceeds a few hundred. This is accomplished by setting ThreadsPerChild to 25% or 50% of MaxClients, setting MinSpareThreads and MaxSpareThreads low (relative to recommendations here). See also High CPU in child processes after WebSphere plugin config is updated. Some types of hangs may influence 100% of the clients. Caches for ESI and mod_mem_cache are thrown away when child processes exit.

Zone, and, although not explicitly stated, the file my-site. With Debian / Ubuntu, references to the full file path will have to be used. Zone should be located in the default directory of /var/named/chroot/var/named in a chroot configuration or in /var/named in a regular one. In this example the zone file is named my-site.

The use of the MaxConnections parameter in the WebSphere plug-in configuration is most effective when IBM HTTP Server 2. However, there are some operational tradeoffs to using it effectively in a multi-process webserver like IHS. 0 and above is used and there is a single IHS child process.

IBM HTTP Server provides support for sendfile on Solaris/x64 but not Solaris/SPARC. Some Apache users on Solaris have noted that sendfile is slower than the normal file handling, and that sendfile may not function properly on that platform with ZFS or some Ethernet drivers.

redhat dns config file

Positive-time-to-live cachename value
Sets the time-to-live for positive entries (successful
queries) in the specified cache. Larger values increase cache hit rates and
reduce mean response times, but increase problems with
cache coherence. Value is in integer
seconds. Note that sites that push (update) NIS
maps nightly can set the value to be the equivalent of
12 hours or more with very good performance implica-

To use arping to update the ARP cache on all of the devices on the local layer-3 network, you can run arping with the -U option (unsolicited ARP mode), the “-I” option (interface to send the gratuitious ARP out on) and the IP that is assigned to the interface you want the ARP cache entry updated for:. The Linux arping utility can be used to send out a gratuitious ARP (an “ARP Request” or “ARP Response” is the actual item sent) to update hosts on your network.

Remember, there are other methods of resolving hosts. The settings will take affect immediately. Andrew, If you are only changing the dns servers, then that is the file.

redhat dns config file

It should find and display the example Unix user that was created when you setup your LDAP server. If not, use the error message to work out what might have gone wrong. To verify that everything is really working, click the Validate Configuration button on the main page of the LDAP Client module.

Web site security refers to anything that helps to guarantee the availability of the site, this is just one of many methods you can use. This may good for ease of reference within the company, but to the Internet these names provide rapid identifiaction of the types of malicious exploits a hacker could use to break in. Com domain will probably have a www and a mail subdomain, and they should remain obvious to all. You may want to adjust your DNS views so that to external users, your MySQL database server doesn’t have the letters “DB” or “SQL” in the name, or that your firewall doesn’t have the letters “FW” in its name either.

System tuning changes may be necessary to run with higher values for ThreadsPerChild. A common failure is a failed attempt to create a worker thread. If IBM HTTP Server fails to start after increasing ThreadsPerChild, check the error log for any error messages.

End users will generally not be aware that SSL session is not being reused unless the overhead of continually negotiating new sessions causes excessive delay in responses. The point at which this becomes noticeable will depend on the performance of the web server hardware, and whether or not a cryptographic accelerator is being used. Web server administrators will generally only become aware of this situation when they observe the CPU utilization approaching 100%.

The variables are documented in the autossh(1) manual page, and allow you control how data is logged, connection attributes and how keepalives operate. In the example above I am creating a dynamic local port forward that will accept connections on localhost:8000. If autossh is in use and your ssh connection dies for any reason, it will be restarted and your port forwards will be transparently restored. Bada boom, bada bing. To change how autossh manages the sessions and logs it creates, you can set one of more environment variables.

redhat dns config file

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    $ df
    Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda7 10079084 7372872 2194212 78% /
    none 1522384 768 1521616 1% /dev
    none 1529012 252 1528760 1% /dev/shm
    none 1529012 108 1528904 1% /var/run
    none 1529012 4 1529008 1% /var/lock
    /dev/sda8 5039616 3758824 1024792 79% /home
    /dev/sda2 209715196 196519248 13195948 94% /media/Data.

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    An other pc used said  rkill was good to destroy the sh  but I couldn’t get on internet to download the destroyer. Also the shizz stopped me getting on the internet for help which was a real  NBG er –  how can an anti virus help then. Is  rkill any good.

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    I have Bullguard Seurity in my PC which is a paid service and is excellent but a bit pricey. I cant fault it’s effeciency but need a cheaper altrnative. Which of the free ones available will match up to Bullguard. Your advice would be appreciated.

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    But still you will find that the stat command is unable to show the date, this is. In ext4 it is possible; because ext4 file-system store the file creation time.

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