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Why did Google open source it’s new container project ...

But: I just stuck my head out a door at work and saw a chickadee. On a rare sunny day in Vancouver in Frebruary, after a week of messed-up sleep and feeling like I’ve been spinning my wheels, this is nice. It chirped for a while, sitting on a tree near our building, then flew off.

Windows 10 Mobile has been in a holding pattern for a couple of years now. Microsoft has not really announced any new hardware initiatives, but they were also saying, consistently, that the platform would get revisited in some other year. If you were also paying attention to the Windows on ARM announcements, you could assume that Microsoft was waiting for several pieces to fall into place before pushing, once more, with all of their weight. Likewise, they were keeping the mobile OS up-to-date, even tying Insider builds roughly in lockstep with PC build releases.

(The Centre, by the way, is enormous. It’s a little creepy to walk from one end to the other, in this enormous empty marble hall, followed by Kenny G the whole way. Two buses with suits pulled up in front of the Convention Centre; I thought maybe there was going to be a rumble, but they were here for the Medevice Conference that’s in the other half of the Centre.

 This is not exactly unexpected due to the seasonal nature of console sales and the resulting loss of royalties in what should be a strong quarter.  We can still expect AMD to ship plenty of Ryzen parts as well as Vega GPUs.  We can also surmise that we will see a limited impact of the integrated Ryzen/Vega APUs and any potential mobile parts based on those products as well. There is no doubt that AMD has done very well this quarter due to its wide variety of parts that are available to consumers.  The news is not all great though and AMD expects to see Q4 revenues down around 15%.

Ubuntu 17.10 to Ship with Nautilus 3.24 File Manager ...

Multicast is an attack-and-discovery protocol, and he’s a bit worried about possible return of reflection attacks (Smurfv6). He’s hopeful that the many, many lessons learned since then mean it won’t happen, but it is a whole new protocol nd set of stacks for baddies to explore and discover. (RFC 4942 was apparently important.

For your security, if you’re on a public computer and have finished using your Red Hat services, please be sure to log out.

I did get pulled over for extra searching, but nothing serious: where was I going, could I open the bag, where do I work. Once that was done, the officer was quite friendly; he urged me to take time to go see the sights, since work was paying for this.

redhat support

We’re committed to excellence with professional online services and support via our award-winning Customer Portal. We continually innovate to improve the user experience for partners and mutual customers. Get technical guidance, resources, and tools to support your customers 24×7.

Is that okay with you. ” “Oh sure, great, fine. When global temp space was first brought up, the admins said, “So let me be clear: this is non-critical and non-backed up. ” So the admins bought cheap-and-cheerful SATA storage: not fast, not reliable, but man it’s cheap.

Technical Support Get help with Red Hat products. Get help with your subscription, Red Hat registration, or access to Red Hat

(Apparently there are Perl/Python bindings. AFrisch was good, convering Cfengine quite well; would’ve liked to see more info about expect. ) Afternoon course was “Interviewing For System Administrators” by Adam Moskowitz and that was great — lots of things I didn’t know, lots of tips on doing it better next time. I had no idea.

Not suure if it’s exactly right, but it seems close. Combined with orgmode, it’s pretty good at giving me a handy reference for what I’m working on (RT #666) and having the whole history available. I’ve got RT to catch problems as they emerge, and track them to completion. I heard about Kanban when I was at LISA this year, and I want to give it a try. I want to do something better with planning. What it’s not good at is big-picture planning. Everything is just a big list of stuff to do, not sorted by priority or labelled by project, and it’s a big intimidating mess.

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    This varies across use cases within the same framework (say Parquet or Avro file formats with Impala) or APIs and access patterns (random access in HBase versus large scans in Impala/Spark, or full-text search in Solr). Disks are much more affordable than memory (factor 400 and above), so in practice, we often opt for the duplication of data on disk, but not in memory. Copying data multiple times is an issue when you need that very data in various forms.

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    WORKING Method { unless there is no problem other than configuration } By Default Appache is not restricting access from ipv4.

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    1 (early 2009), and installed compiled CDE as desktop environment. Just for fun I installed FreeBSD on a Mac Mini 3. Here's a screenshot of my desktop: .

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    Despite that, FreeBSD is just a few settings away from being an easy, powerful Desktop OS rivaling Linux, complete with the same software ecosystem available through the Ports collection. “FreeBSD on the server, Linux on the desktop” is an oft-seen sentiment among some FreeBSD enthusiasts, and it’s sort of understandable considering the conservative out-of-the-box FreeBSD installation. I’ve used many operating systems and have yet to find one more consistent and cohesive yet as well-supported as the BSD family, and FreeBSD is the one with the biggest community and most available drivers for things like graphics cards. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it’s nice to use an operating system that didn’t spawn a billion-dollar anti-malware industry through frequent security failings, where you can choose the interface you like and reasonably expect it to stay that way instead of being forced into the design fad du jour, where you don’t have to argue about the init system being replaced two times in the same decade, and whose key organizations don’t collectively kowtow to Microsoft when convenient.

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    Pw usermod -n UserName -G "Secondary Group List". Of double-checking, also written for csh as that's FreeBSD's default shell for users) .

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    Архивированная нить – только для чтения. “Проблемы с ‘pw usermod’, FreeBSD 5.

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    Как она настраивается на хост-системе ранее мы уже рассматривали в заметках Туториал по контейнеризации при помощи LXC и Контейнерная виртуализация при помощи OpenVZ. На практике же часто бывает куда удобнее иметь bridged сеть. По умолчанию виртуальные машины могут ходить в интернет, а также к ним можно приконнектится из хост-системы. В общем и целом все выглядит так, словно гостевые системы находятся за NAT.

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    AES-NI are valuable for a wide range of cryptographic applications, for example: applications that perform bulk encryption/decryption, authentication, random number generation, and authenticated encryption. Intel® AES New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) are a set of instructions that enable fast and secure data encryption and decryption.

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