Server core event viewer

server core event viewer

Such a script is provided with the Apache distribution in the src/support/split-logfile file. Reduce the number of log filesYou can use mod_log_config to log all requests to a single log file while including the name of the virtual host in the log file. “Don’t do that” – try to run with fewer virtual hosts. There is a specific note for FreeBSD below. For some systems, information on how to do this is available in the performance hints page. As to what you can do about this: Reduce the number of Listen directivesIf there are no other servers running on the machine on the same port then you normally don’t need any Listen directives at all. You can then write a script to split the logfile into separate files later if necessary. By default Apache listens to all addresses on port 80. Increase the number of file descriptors available to the server(see your system’s documentation on the limit or ulimit commands).

Html for more cool gui apps and tips and tricks to windows core server 2012, visit my blog at stephanco. If you want a GUI method there is a tool from NIRsoft called myeventviwer.

(we can see those events in event viewer). Server & Tools Blogs > Server & Management Blogs > Ben Armstrong’s. Looking at the Hyper-V Event Log.

You might want to look at the code in the auth_* modules and play with the compile time flags to alleviate this somewhat, if your RDBMS licences allow for it. Be aware that with mSQL and Oracle, opening and closing these database connections is very expensive and time consuming.

server core event viewer

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Sometimes, we would like to export the event log for diagnostic. However you will receive an error message when trying to export out the . Well, you've deployed Hyper-V on Server Core. You can use full installation (GUI) of Windows Server and connect to the server core server for viewing the event log.

If you have installed BIND-8 then this is normally due to a conflict between your include files and your libraries. If your system uses the header files in /usr/local/include/ before those in /usr/include/ but you do not use the new resolver library, then the two versions will conflict. BIND-8 installs its include files and libraries /usr/local/include/ and /usr/local/lib/, while the resolver that comes with your system is probably installed in /usr/include/ and /usr/lib/.

server core event viewer

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With the mod_auth_msql, mod_auth_mysql, and other SQL modules connecting to (R)DBMses this is quite possible. Just configure an explicit host to contact. Some organizations feel very strongly about keeping the authentication information on a different machine than the webserver.

Because of its parallel-operation model, the Apache Web server needs to provide some form of synchronization when accessing certain resources. In many cases this means it can’t be kept on an NFS-mounted filesystem. One of these synchronization methods involves taking out locks on a file, which means that the filesystem whereon the lockfile resides must support locking.

If you look at the chart above you will see Disk Management and its corresponding rule group. The command to enable the Remote Volume Management Rule group is as follows.   You also have to configure the Disk Management rules on the computer that is running the MMC snap-in.   This is one of the MMC snap-ins that will need additional configuration.   In order to use this snap-in for remote management you must first start the Virtual Disk Service (VDS) on the computer that is running the Server Core installation.

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server core event viewer

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