Server error on google play store

server error on google play store

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Although I wasn’t able to verify it myself, if you’re using a different language when browsing Play Store, it might be worth a shot. Some users have reported that “Server error” has disappeared after changing the language to English. Here’s how to do it:.

And if all else fails, them you will to uninstall it and install it again. Go to the App manager section and tap on Uninstall Updates in the Play Store’s menu. This ought to do it and you won’t have any server issues no more. If that doesn’t help then you have the clear the data too.

server error on google play store

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Here are the most common Android error codes you will encounter and instructions on how to fix Play Store errors. Google Play Store app errors are really easy to fix.

server error on google play store

Are you looking for Google Play Store Download APK App For PC or Android Phone. We have written an exclusive guide on How to Download Play Store App.

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The procedure is very similar to that of an Android smartphone, isn’t it. Well, as the Operating Software remains same, there is no issue with the process and it is likely to be in the way we just explained. So, this is how you can get the Play Store Download and installation done for your Android Tablet.

I use samsung galaxy ace and i want to download whatsapp messenger in my android but when I tried to get it from google play store, it shows error while downloading.

If you have this error, you can use this guide to fix the problem. You can sometimes get the “Server error” while downloading apps from the Play Store. As the name suggests, this normally only happens when your phone encounters any problems while trying to contact Google's servers.

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