Server hugger definition

server hugger definition

” (The existence of this email was first revealed on October 22, 2015, when Ohio Rep. Washington time: Hillary Clinton sends an email to her daughter, Chelsea,which reads: “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda-like group. Benghazi time: The C-130 returns to Tripoli. * Shortly after 4:45 or 5:00 a. Benghazi time, 11:12 p. Jim Jordan referred to it during Hillary Clinton’s testimony in a Benghazi committee hearing.

* September 15, 2013: Charles Woods — the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the Navy SEALS who disobeyed orders and heroically rushed to the rescue of the Benghazi mission personnel and was abandoned without support on September 11, 2012 — is asked by an interviewer to speak about President Obama’s handling of the crisis.

Okay let’s call that narcissistic pile of words a day and move on with the rest of the update. I was very much in the mood to conjure something ginormous today but time is well and truly against me plus the internet connection shenanigans have been disruptive so you guys will just have to settle for the usual level of excellence.

Et al) is just some sort of limited hangout. @Bane and @ll: please be aware that alm this Wikileaks Stuff (as Snowden. It is distraction and/or the outcome of the forced ‘political’ discussion is part of the overall agenda (more security,secuity,security, wich translates to more oppression and control over everything the masses do). Furthermore the actual ‘leaks’ seems to completely whitewash all corporate criminals (IBM,MICROSOFT,GOOGLE,APPLE), they where almost made the victims, even they are part of the NWO System, from the ground up. The simple fact that its out there in the FakeNewsMedia , that we can read about it openly etc.

In our announcement, we urged our readers to reflect on this term rather than celebrate it:. In 2016, we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. Fear of the “other” was a huge theme in 2016, from Brexit to President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

It stood out among the many thousands of amazing hats. But i particularly like the last one. Xitz wrote:
Subject: Versatile Hat
It was a hat to attract comment.

They are going to throw loads of money into 5G. Bad news in the UK from the recent government budget.  We thought it would be better to be back in the UK but now with this I am not sure. They is no where to hide now (either from the microwaves we are all affected by and the spraying of the skies).

Every time a new Pope is elected, there are a whole lot of rituals and ceremonies that have to be gone through, in accordance with tradition. Shortly after the new Pope is enthroned, the Chief Rabbi seeks an audience. He is shown into the Pope’s presence, whereupon he presents him with a silver tray bearing a velvet cushion. Well there’s one tradition that very few people know about. On top of the cushion is an ancient, shrivelled parchment envelope.

I have to get 30 starters for the week on the boat to qualify for a good deal. I spoke with a fishing charter business operator yesterday about spending a week on the high seas, he said the best fishing is in July. All fishing gear supplied free. Make sure you bring your swimmers and snorkelling equipment as there will be times when you will get sick of fishing. I’ve been asking prices on air fares to New Zealand in July for a week long deep sea fishing trip in the Southern Ocean on one of their boats. Justin wrote:
Subject: Interested in a week’s long fishing trip from New Zealand. The vessel sleeps 30 comfortably, it has a full time cook, separate lounge & dining room, 24 hour bar service, byo grog if you like, has TV, Foxtel etc etc. He said since the earthquake everything is half price.

Mission in Benghazi 15 days earlier. * September 28, 2012: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which is controlled by the President of the United States, issues a statement that seems designed to quell the growing controversy over the administration’s obviously false assertions that the attacks of 9/11 grew out of spontaneous demonstrations:. * September 27, 2012, filmmaker Mark Basseley Youseff (a. ” He states unequivocally that the YouTube video Innocence of Muslims “had nothing to do with this attack. He would serve almost a year in prison. * September 26, 2012: Libyan president Mohamed al-Magariaf reiterates that the September 11 attack in Benghazi “was a preplanned act of terrorism directed against American citizens. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula), who produced Innocence of Muslims, is arrested for “probation violation” and is denied bail. ”

* September 26, 2012: At a UN Security Council meeting, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, completely reversing her original story, concedes that there was an explicit link between al Qaeda’s North African network and the deadly attacks on the U.

I see a lot of the too Mario, the ‘paychecks and pensions’ scenario Dane repeats. I’d say most folks are living beyond their means and that simply can’t last forever. On the plus side, the low income folks are gaining in numbers and I think far more are in the “one paycheck away” camp than is obvious by just looking around.

The grand chess masters are hard at work not understanding they cannot escape the ozone depletion, UV radiation damage, soil poisoning, oxygen depletion, dead oceans and dead animal reality as they double down daily on the decimation.   They have no way of knowing money and technology won’t save their sorry asses.

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