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My iPhone was bought from AT&T last summer but is off contract now. I will say it took me several emails and an AT&T secure website message (requested by one rep to verify the phone and owner) to get customer service to even put my unlock request in the queue. But updating wasn’t necessary for the unlock activation for me. I got the exact email as bc above and didn’t understand it, because it came with no unlock instructions. ) Thanks for your help Bamboo — I did not get any kind of unlock instructions at all, but just the same email that bc did saying my issue had been resolved. 0 and I don’t know the consequences of updating yet. I got a weird message on iTunes that said my iPhone failed to activate – please try again later. 1 because my phone is jailbroken on 5. Today 5/11 I got the email saying my issue was resolved. So I called and got an AT&T rep who was super nice, but fairly clueless. When he typed my IMEI into his computer he said my iPhone 4 was “unlockable” and he blamed Apple. It was on 4/29 that I made my first unlock request and not until 5/3 that an AT&T rep said she would submit my case for review. But on the iPhone itself it said “Activation Required,” and when I pressed on that and followed the instructions the “No Service” message changed to AT&T and I got a message from Rogers saying I was roaming so all is well. But then I found this forum and Bamboo’s advice, and the unlock was available as soon as I plugged in my iPhone to iTunes with a Rogers Wireless SIM card installed. (I did NOT update the OS in iTunes to 5.

My brother: Hi, I need help in unlocking an iPhone unit that I gifted to my brother. We thought that the unit could still remain locked with AT&T and we need help verifying the true status. The unit’s IMEI number is XXXXXXXXXX. However, we followed the unlocked instructions sent through e-mail but the unit remains locked to AT&T. We called AT&T several times everyone we talked to indicated that the unit has been unlocked.

Hopefully ill get the result in a couple of days. They gave a case number and told me to wait till May 28th :((i know its a long time). I left the country so canceled my accnt. I am an non customer of ATT. Will do that next time. Awesome I didnt know I could use skype for toll free nos. The second time csr was much more smart i guess. I told them the story and gave my ssn to prove it. The first csr was not ready to look but later obliged but still couldnt help me. I just wasted more than 30 minutes of international calling to talk to csr.

I do not have at&t. Then tehy opened a case and asked me for proof of purchase and a letter of delpoyment. Then they will speak with a manager. I have unlocked 5 iPhones by sying the same thing over and over. I just say that I am in the military and that im being deployed.

Call got disconnected while he tried to put me through. Funny part is, every time they deny, representative will talk into you to create a new case. Told him straight that I am not ready for this crap. Convinced him to put me to the second level support or the appropriate person. He also tried to create a new case by connecting all the previous cases. Tried again after 5 minutes and told the rep(new) with the latest case and asked him directly connect to second level support. 20 minutes hold someone from tech support told me the request is approved for unlock. Finally decided to take this really serious and started yelling at a representative left and right for ATT playing all sort of smart and trick game to deny the request and told him I am not getting off this phone unless i talk to whoever is denying the request. Finally the rep I was talking to was able to connect all the cases.

All the while I left iTunes open and running and the USB sync cable connected. After the restore completed the phone performed a sync with iTunes. After this was done I put the T-Mobile SIM into the phone. I repeated the process again today but without the SIM in the phone. When I put the SIM in the phone rebooted then I got an “Activation Required” message. The phone connected to iTunes and within about 90 seconds had been registered on the T-Mobile network.

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We’ve discussed this before and our previous guide on unlocking the iPhone through AT&T focused on calling a special direct line, but now we’ll show you how to unlock an iPhone entirely through the web with the help of AT&T’s online technical support chat. If you own an iPhone that is not part of a contract with AT&T, you can now officially unlock the device for use on other networks. This method is extremely quick, there are no wait times, and it’s easier for international users or for those without access to an active phone line.

I called them 2 times too, they gave me the same reason, “Based on the history of the phone, we can not unlock it”. I asked them what is the history of the phone, they told me I am not the original owner, they can not tell me. Emiliano, will u share what ATT told you in the first 2 times.

Two day ago I called to ATT and using my old account asked them to unlock my new 3GS. Just did it and now I upgrading iOS 8=)
So, if you was ATT client in past you still can unlock iPhone using your information. Today I receive the letter with unlock information. 8=)
I’m currently using TMOBILE, but was using ATT family plan 3 years ago. Every 2 years I switch between TMOBILE and ATT, because every switch I have a new phones.

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