Server name alias for file share

server name alias for file share

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I’m not sure how widely known this feature of Oracle is but, as we have shown, with a simple change on the database server and a restart of AR, it is possible to encrypt the traffic between these systems.   No changes are necessary on the AR System Server and this should work with any version of AR as it is a feature of the Oracle database and client software.

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By default, CIFS is the file sharing protocol that is used on Windows-based computers. Connecting to SMB share with an alias name (CNAME). If you have a Windows server 2008 with hostname (NetBIOS Name) Galileo .

server name alias for file share

Thus, you cannot pass the values in the identifier element to shut down a Reports Server or launch Reports Queue Manager through the console window. For a secure Reports Server, the authentication is done by the security infrastructure; that is, by using the Oracle Internet Directory repository.

We offer an accreditation exam called BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Remedy AR System 9. 0 , y ou can complete the BMC Remedy AR System 9. Or if you are a BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Remedy AR System 8. The exam cost is included in the price of the course. 0 after you complete BMC Remedy AR System 9. 0: What’s New for Administrators and pay for just the exam.

Since we don’t have to follow the strict rules specified in the WSDL and since the requests are lot smaller it’s actually quite easy to get stuff done. That’s where REST’s strengths come in, because using the REST API it suddenly gets a lot easier to do. Other than the usual networking libraries I don’t need any 3rd party libraries or frameworks to interact with the system, and since the API is intuitive it’s a lot easier to construct my requests.

Configuring Work Folders in Windows Server 2012 R2 ...

Logging on to the Linux system we can use one of the many tools available to capture and display network traffic – in this case it’s tcpdump.   The command below will display the traffic flowing between the AR and Oracle servers in this environment.

Hi, I am trying to create an alias for a file server name that I can use to access file shares on that server instead of the actual server name.

  We could use the Wallet Manager GUI but we’re going to stick to the command line and use the orapki utilty:.   As with most of these steps there are multiple ways to do this. Oracle databases store their certificates in a set of files called a wallet so, unless you have an existing wallet, we need to create one.

04 (trusty)
– Ubuntu (other)
– Gentoo
– Arch Linux
– Fedora 24+
– CentOS 6
– RHEL 6
– CentOS/RHEL 7
– FreeBSD
– OpenBSD 5. 04 (zesty)
– Ubuntu 16. – Web Hosting Service
– Debian 7 (wheezy)
– Debian 8 (jessie)
– Debian 9 (stretch)
– Debian testing/unstable
– Debian (other)
– Ubuntu 17. 0
– Devuan (other)
– Other UNIX
– Non-UNIX. 10 (yakkety)
– Ubuntu 16. 04 (xenial)
– Ubuntu 14. 9
– OpenBSD 6. 0+
– OpenBSD (other)
– macOS
– Devuan Jessie 1.

If, under the same conditions, minEngine is 1, the active engine will not shut down, even if it has been idle for 30 minutes. For example, if minEngine is 0, maxIdle is 30, and one engine has been running but unused for 30 minutes, that engine will shut down.

Setting Up Work Folders – Windows Server 2012 R2

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