Sql server alias registry key

Step 18 - Create CNAME Record

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) can be used to encrypt data transferred on your network between your SQL Server instance and a client application.

The next step is to copy the certificate that we exported earlier to the AR Server system and add it to the Java cacerts file so that the Oracle JDBC driver can use it. Cert and it has been copied to c:temp.   The certificate file is called db_CA.   These steps are similar to those we used for MS SQL.

Finally the disk vendor came out with a beta/testing firmware upgrade, which fixed the problem, but a final release has not come out yet. And I’ve heard that from a number of people here. I heard complaints about Red Hat support; an upgrade from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5 produced massive disk corruption on their SAN. For supper I headed out to a nice Italian restaurant with a few folks. Red Hat and the disk vendor pointed their fingers at each other for a year. He’s left deeply unimpressed with RHEL support: they were paying buckets of money and were left in the lurch.

Always do a post-mortem when problems emerge, and if you focus on learning rather than blame you’ll get a lot more information, engagement and good work out of everyone. (And maybe the lesson will be that no one was clearly designated as responsible for X, and that needs to happen now.

sql server alias registry key

Alias dockip=”docker inspect –format ‘{{. Easily distribute your traffic. We’re going to create an alias:. Apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver. We’re going to download an image from the Docker Registry Hub.

You don’t have to be a consultant to ask these questions, ask them of your own environment. When you have to evaluate a MySQL System & Environment, what questions do you ask in order to determine critical information about the environment and evaluate the business success and viability. Do any of the answers shock or concern you.

I added the ConnectTo registry key, and a value for an alias, and used a simple UDL file to test a connection via Microsoft OLE DB for SQL Server.

sql server alias registry key

Nice, neighbourly think of them to do. As part of the movement of servers from one data centre across town to new, temporary space here (in advance of this new machine room), another chunk of $UNIVERSITY has volunteered to help out with backups by sucking data over the ether with Tivoli.

He showed a graph of their orders; it was climbing slowly from April 16th through the 18th, and then they released a Facebook app on April 19th. The app would grab pictures from a photo album, compose the slideshow, then notify all the user’s friends that they had something cool to watch.

The afternoon’s course was on Ganeti, given by Tom Limoncelli and Guido Trotter. It seems very, very cool. And on top of that, you can test it out in VirtualBox. I won’t put in all my notes, since I’m writing this in a hurry (I always fall behind as the week goes on) and a lot of it is avail on the documentaion. THAT is my project for next year: migrating my VMs, currently on one host, to Ganeti.

Take your app and break it into n different independant, non-interlocked services. Decomposition is important to resiliency. Put each of them on a farm of 20 machines, and now you no longer care if a machine that does X fails; it’s not the machine that does X.

Now that we have a certificate we need to make it available to our SQL Server instance. One way to do this is via the SQL Server Configuration Manager, check the Properties for the selected instance:.   Start by finding the account name used to run SQL.

sql server alias registry key

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