Centos command line alias

First off, depth 24 at 24bpp (bpp=bits-per-pixel) is fairly uncommon and can cause problems in general. You might want to switch to 32bpp (for XFree86 see the “-fbbpp 32”, DefaultFbBpp, FbBpp and related options. ) Perhaps you have 24bpp because the video memory of the machine is low and the screen wouldn’t fit in video […]

Linux command find process using port

Mysqlds can be stopped by issuing the command “mysqladmin -u root -h 127. The rest of the Cluster can be stopped with “ndb_mgm -e shutdown”. 1 -P3306 shutdown” and can be started with “mysqld –defaults-file=xxxxx”. You can safely start ndb_mgmds with the –initial option every time but if you do that for data nodes then […]

Linux find file command

Please share UNIX script for doing that. Hi, I want to find all files which is more than one month old in Unix box, particularly in log directory and then want to create a tar file or zip file of that with name as file-month-year e. -type f -mtime +31 -print but I don’t know […]

Redhat dmidecode command

You see what images are available to pull from the Red Hat Customer Portal (using docker pull ) by searching the Red Hat Container Images Search Page. With the registry software available with RHEL and RHEL Atomic Host, you can pull images from the Red Hat Customer Portal and push or pull images to and […]

Basics in linux command

No experience working in the shell we recommend starting with Linux Command Line Basics. Linux Command Line Basics](/course/viewer#. Project: Linux Server Configuration. Otherwise, you can jump straight. You will take a baseline installation of a Linux. Searches in Vim put the cursor on the first character of the matched string by default; if you search […]

Centos add user group command line

For example, add user jerry to groups admins, ftp, www, and developers, enter: # useradd -G admins,ftp,www,developers jerry. Please note that capital G (-G) option add user to a list of supplementary groups. Each group is separated from the next by a comma, with no intervening whitespace.

Linux add new user command line

In such situation, when a user logs into a system that has just restarted, its home directory will be root. When such user uses su command, its login directory will be the previous user home directory. In some situations, where we don’t want to assign a home directories for a user’s, due to some security reasons. […]

Redhat boot command line

Hi I am producing a remastered RHEL 6. 5 which contains a custom kickstart. I have got the ISO to boot using the kickstart from a BIOS boot by making the standard.

Redhat bash apt get command not found

Most distributions offer a graphical or menu-driven front end to package collections. Often, however, the quickest and most effective way to locate a package is to search with command-line tools. These can be a good way to browse by category and discover new software.

Linux awk command options

Gawk options may be either traditional POSIX one letter options, or GNU-style long options. Long options are provided for both GNU-specific features and for POSIX-mandated features. POSIX options start with a single “-”, while long options start with “–”. The Program statement tells awk what operation to do; Program statement consists of a series of […]