Destiny server down june 24

destiny server down june 24

A new raid, “King’s Fall”, was added, new sub-classes were added, as well as many changes to the core gameplay of Destiny, including maximum Light level of 320. [100] The expansion focuses on Oryx, The Taken King and father of Crota, as he leads a new race of enemy, the Taken, to avenge his son’s death. The update also added new challenges and increased difficulty for the Prison of Elders PvE arena, among other activities. The Taken King was released on September 15, 2015, marking the end of “Year One” of Destiny. [8][23][100][120][121][122] The Taken King’ s April 12, 2016 update, referred to as the “April Update”, increased the maximum Light level to 335. A new quest storyline was also added where players must defeat Malok, a Taken prince attempting a rise to power in the aftermath of Oryx’s defeat.

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