Freebsd ports xen

Pre-compiled binaries), giving the user a choice. Although this method is faster, the user has fewer customisation options. Ports use Makefile to automatically fetch the desired application’s source code, either from a local or remote repository, unpack it on the system, apply patches to it and compile it. [3][59] Depending on the size of the […]

Freebsd unbound chroot

Je ne comprends pas cette volonté d’imposer une technologie en voulant absolument convaincre toute le monde que c’est la meilleure pour eux et pour n’importe qui, et de toute manière tant pis si les gens sont pas convaincu parce qu’on fera tout pour les forcer à l’utiliser quand même.

Freebsd chown command

Please note that if only a colon is given, or if NEW-OWNER is empty, neither the owner nor the group is changed: # chown : demo. Txt In this example, change the owner of /foo to “root”, execute: # chown root /foo Likewise, but also change its group to “httpd”, enter: # chown root:httpd /foo […]

Freebsd livecd download

They will issue first issue at the beginning of Q2 2008 and will contain an article by Dru Lavigne and Jan Stedehouder (Jan used and reviewed both PC-BSD and DesktopBSD for a month in his PC-BSB: the first 30 days and DesktopBSD: the first 30 days series). “An interesting opportunity“, Software Media LLC/LP Magazine must […]

Freebsd zfs kmem arena

Файловая система ZFS Адресное пространство kmem должно быть увеличено на всех FreeBSD zpool create example dev da0 zfs create example compressed zfs.

Freebsd git bash completion

The Debian Almquist shell, dash, was originally a Linux port of the NetBSD Almquist shell, ash. It is also smaller than the other shells: on Ubuntu Linux the executable is about 100k whereas the other shells are in the 300k-900k range. It is POSIX compliant.

Freebsd 11.1 new features

Direct Download:HD VideoMP3 AudioTorrent This episode was brought to you by Headlines Allan’s Trip Report from BSD Taiwan BSD TW and Taiwan in general was a fun and interesting experience I arrived Thursday night and took the high speed train to Taipei main station, and then got on the Red line subway to the venue.

Freebsd dhcp выданные адреса

Очень простая конфигурация предоставления DHCP может выглядеть следующим образом: subnet 239. Кроме того, для динамического назначения адресов вы должны указать один или более диапазонов адресов для каждой подсети, которые будут назначаться клиентам во время их загрузки.   Подсети dhcpd необходимо знать номера и маски подсетей для предоставления сервиса. 0 { range 239.

Freebsd update openssl

I don’t think some spectacular security hole should be glorified or cared about as being any more “special” than a random spectacular crash due to bad locking. In fact, all the boring normal bugs are _way_ more important, just because there’s a lot more of them.