Sql server auto generate stored procedures

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Adding non-clustered indexes can greatly speed up queries by reducing the IO, CPU and memory usage, but having duplicate (or very similar) indexes can actually hurt performance as SQL has to maintain these and cache different indexes depending on the query. This script identifies POSSIBLE duplicate indexes which could possibly be merged or dropped. Always look at the usage statistics before removing any index.

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Visual studio server explorer generate script

visual studio server explorer generate script

Server Studio™ is the premier multi-platform professional development and management environment for IBM Informix® data servers with an intuitive graphical user interface which seamlessly integrates feature-rich, powerful and compact suite of advanced DBMS tools that make support of your vital databases throughout their entire life cycle easier and more productive than ever.

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Centos generate ifcfg

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This would let the hardware vendor that uploaded firmware know there are problems straight away, rather than waiting for thousands of frustrated users to file bugs. The report should needs to contain something that identifies the machine and a boolean, and in the event of an error, enough debug information to actually be useful. It would obviously involve sending the users IP address to the server too.

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Linux generate alias

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The alias command allows you to make new shortcuts and synonyms for commonly. Alias, Setting command aliases.

For instance, the ASAv-I is connected with the vIOS-Core-II with the interface e1. The first name is assigned by GNS3 itself (e0, e1, e2 etc. However, the interface e1 is represented by the interface Gi0/0 in the ASA configuration. Interfaces Naming
Each network interface in the topology has assigned two interface names although the both names represent a single interface. The second name is the interface name that is shown in the configuration of the device.

vEOS-Dis-I(config-if-Et1)# no shutdown
vEOS-Dis-I(config-if-Et1)# exit. VEOS-Dis-I(config)# interface eth1
vEOS-Dis-I(config-if-Et1)# description Link to vIOS-Core-II
vEOS-Dis-I(config-if-Et1)# no switchport
vEOS-Dis-I(config-if-Et1)# ip address 10.

Raspberry Pi can run several OSs built for ARM architecture such as Windows 10 IoT Core, Raspbian (based on Debian), Ubuntu Mate and many others. It  touches the SD card only when some action is needed, for instance a new extension is being installed. The Core Linux is unique because it runs entirely in RAM. It helps to extend of the lifetime of SD card which is a flash memory with limited write cycles (~ 100,000). The Linux distributions offer either full desktop environment or they are released as lite distributions, without GUI.   Personally, I use piCore Linux that is the lightweight ARM clone of Tinycore Linux.

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In case you don’t need router anymore, you just write another image to SD card and boot your Raspberry from this image. Thanks to its small size, the router can be used as portable secure wifi router sharing Ethernet connection with other devices inside your room. Before you leave the room, you can easily destroyed any digital evidence removing the SD card from the router. PiCore will keep working as it runs entirely in RAM. Moreover, you can load the router with TOR client or any other extensions if needed.

As an example of an alias for a series of commands linked by a pipe ( represented by a vertical line), the alias dir can be created to generate a list of the names of and information about all of the subdirectories in the current directory: alias dir="ls -al | grep ^d". Here ls -al obtains a listing of all files and .

Ls is a commonly used command that by default lists the names of the files and directories within the current directory (i. The -a option instructs ls to also show any hidden files and directories, and the -l option tells it to provide detailed information about each file and subdirectory. , the directory in which the user is currently working).

linux generate alias

For example: aka generate hello="echo helloworld" #will generate a alias hello="echo . If you are looking for a single command to generate aliases without open the text editor, read on. If you have ruby installed on ubuntu, you can create permanent alias with a single command using aka.

The static default route pointing to vIOS-EDGE-I is redistributed to OSPF process. Authentication with MD5 algorithm is used in order to prevent peering with a rouge OSPF router. The OSPF routing protocol ensures that connectivity is between campus and DC.

The list of services available is listed in /etc/rpc on the server. The message communication is in a machine independent form called XDR (External Data Representation format). An RPC server makes available a collection of procedures (programs) that a client system may call and then receive the returned results.

OpenSwitch-Acc-I(config)# interface mgmt
OpenSwitch-Acc-I(config-if-mgmt)# ip static 10. 9/30
OpenSwitch-Acc-I(config-if-mgmt)# default-gateway 10. 10
OpenSwitch-Acc-I(config-if-mgmt)# nameserver 172. 1
OpenSwitch-Acc-I(config-if-mgmt)# exit.

The VLAN 999 is “parking” VLAN that is configured on ports that are not used. If someone accidentally brings disabled switchports up, the connection is not working. The VLANs 10,20 are end user VLANs. It is because the VLAN 999 is not configured on uplink trunk ports.

linux generate alias