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VDisk snapshots which are done in the Extent Store). This capability uses a new snapshot technology called light-weight snapshot (LWS). Unlike the traditional vDisk based snapshots used by async, this leverages markers and is completely OpLog based (vs.

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If you are purchasing an Individual Exam on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10, it is only delivered at limited Individual Exam locations at this time. Contact a training representative if you have questions or need assistance finding a location near you.

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InwinSTACK 是迎棧科技基於 OpenStack、Kubernetes 與 Ceph 技術開發的雲端服務公司,矢志以提供開源軟體服務為核心價值。.

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Former NASA CTO and co-founder of OpenStack will explore the origins of OpenStack, diving. MyPermissions MALEKZADEH Cumulus Networks McCALLION Bronze. Phil started his career in webhosting at Ev1Servers where he led the training department.

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The range of IPs that are assigned to floating IPs should not include the IPs used for hosts and VIPs on this network. The External network is used for hosting the Horizon dashboard and the Public APIs, as well as hosting the floating IPs that are assigned to VMs. The Neutron L3 routers which perform […]

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My design summit experience including attending sessions on Keystone, Magnum, OpenStackClient, Infra, Tempest and Rally for example. This is where the individual projects discuss the “design” of the next release of OpenStack. These sessions are very informative to see just how the OpenStack ecosystem improves and develops the product. I would encourage you to be […]

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          NetApp Snapshots are taken at the FlexVol level, so they cannot be directly leveraged within an OpenStack user context.   This is because a Cinder user requests that a Snapshot be taken of a particular Cinder volume, not the containing FlexVol volume. NetApp Snapshots are however available to OpenStack administrators to do administrative backups, […]

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We can help you leverage various enabling technologies and service levels to provide the right level of infrastructure and application support, monitoring and response, uptime and service level guarantees to ensure your mission critical workloads never fail, while always meeting your business needs. Our managed hosting customers get access to a dedicated account manager and […]

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Fueling Your OpenStack Cloud By Kelly Boeckman, Senior Product Marketing Manager. The Red Hat Paradox By Alan Royal. Selecting Right Partners for Faster and. Red Hat and You By Jay Turner, Senior Director of Development and Operations, Console. By Dru Rai, CIO, Axalta Coating Systems.