Centos add package repository

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CentOS is an Enterprise-class operating system and as such is more about stability and long-term support than cutting edge. Major package versions are retained throughout the life cycle of the product. This is generally what Enterprise wants and affords developers a stable base on which to develop without fear that bespoke applications will break every time something gets upgraded to the latest and greatest, but ultimately buggy version or the API changes breaking backwards compatibility.

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Centos 6 repository install

centos 6 repository install

Be particularly careful about the Atomic repo as they enable their repo by default when installed, and overwrite user changes in the configuration without notice when the release package is updated. Even removing packages installed from this repository may leave the system in an unusable state. Atomic will replace many core packages as configured when installed. Many CentOS users have had problems after enabling this repo, as a forum search will reveal.

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Centos repository create

centos repository create

*filter :INPUT ACCEPT [0:0] :FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [0:0] -A INPUT -m state –state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -p icmp -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -i eth1 -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -m state –state NEW -m tcp -p tcp –dport 22 -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -m state –state NEW -m tcp -p tcp -m multiport –dports 5901:5903,6001:6003 -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -j REJECT –reject-with icmp-host-prohibited -A FORWARD -j REJECT –reject-with icmp-host-prohibited COMMIT [[email protected] sysconfig]#. [[email protected] sysconfig]# cat iptables # Firewall configuration written by system-config-firewall # Manual customization of this file is not recommended.

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Centos 7 repository update

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This repository is shipped with CentOS but is not enabled by default. CentOSPlus – Packages that actually replace certain base CentOS components, to provide additional functionality. Popular packages from this repository include: the CentOS-Plus kernel (a rebuilt kernel with patches and additional drivers/features), postfix with postgresql support (the distro version only enables mysql). This repo will change CentOS so that it is not exactly like the upstream provider’s content. The CentOS development team have tested every item in this repository and they all work with CentOS. They have not been tested by the upstream provider and are not available in the upstream products.

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