Restart vpn service windows server 2012

restart vpn service windows server 2012

Has been stable running at this temperature for extended periods. Usual temperature is 80-85C (with Speedstep enabled and ~20% CPU usage). Can get CPU temp up to 95C using Linux “stress” utility, which sometimes trips the IPMI sensors from green to amber (starts at 95C), but system maxes out at 94/95C and does not get hotter. At these temperatures case the case does not feel hot to the touch, so I am done messing with it. Saw exactly the same temperatures with both PSUs.

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Apache restart linux centos

How to Setup Moodle 2.8 on CentOS/RHEL 7/6/5 - TecAdmin

This walkthrough will use CentOS 7 and work with a self-signed certificate. I will also assume you already have Apache running on the server. For your official business rollouts, you’ll want to purchase an SSL certificate from a reputable company (such as Digicert, Network Solutions, or GlobalSign). The self-signed option works great for personal sites or testing purposes.

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