Red hat society in toronto

red hat society in toronto

For pigments, they used cinnabar, which produced the famous vermillion or “Chinese red” of Chinese laquerware. At the time of the Han Dynasty, Chinese red was a light red, but during the Tang dynasty new dyes and pigments were discovered. The Chinese used several different plants to make red dyes, including the flowers of the safflour (Carthamus tinctorius), the thorns and stems of a variety of sorghum plant called Kao-liang, and the wood of the sappanwood tree.

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Red hat society friday broadcast

red hat society friday broadcast

Share with them why you love Hatting, offer advice on how to get the most out of the Sisterhood and share what you think Hatting will be like in the year 2048—the year we turn 50. A videographer will be on hand to capture your thoughts. Available on a first come, first served basis. Please limit your discussion to no more than a few moments, as to provide all attendees an opportunity to share. The Red Hat Society will save this video diary and share moments at the 50th Anniversary celebration. Create a personal video diary for Hatters of the future.

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Red hat society decals

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This is one of the finest examples I’ve offered over the past several years. SS officer Bartels was the recipient of the ring. This is a large size ring. The ring shows excellent detail in all the runic panels with minor wear to the circular dual runes at the back of the ring. Honor Rings dated 1941 are considered relatively rare with only 1,184 being awarded that year compared to 1936 – 1,137, 1937 – 1,873, 1938 – 1,837, 1939 – 1,257, 1940 – 1,471, 1942 – 2,240, 1943 – 1,798 and 1944 – 1,935. Himmler all professionally jeweler engraved by the Otto Gahr firm in Munich. 0710so1 – SS Totenkopfring (Honor Ring) dated 21/6/41. The joiner seam is evident behind the skull with the silver solder having worn off. The interior of the ring is inscribed, ” Slb. Bartels 21- 6- 41″ followed by H. The skull and cross bones show excellent detail.

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