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Server admin teamspeak icons

TeamSpeak Groups - TeamSpeak Server - FireSkullNetwork

  Kinda cool to know in real time what’s going on. There have been a few accidental alarm triggers caused by us and the company is quick to call.   Typically, my cell phone will alert my via text message that an alarm is “pending” and I will receive that message before the alarm has actually gone off.   Also, the text message/email functionality is very quick (so I know what’s going on).

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Teamspeak 3 icons serveradmin

Server Admin Icon 16X16 - Bing images

Client specific permission is added for your client and the current channel you are (called b_client_is_priority_speaker). They apply to a client and a channel at once; only when the specified client and the specified channels are concerned do they take affect. Channel and Client Specific Permissions are like a combination of Client Specific Permissions (Tier 2) and Channel Specific Permissions (Tier 3). As with Tier 3 and Tier 4 all permissions that can logically be applied to a channel scope will only be valid within channels where you have this permission granted. This is used by the client for the priority speaker feature: when you are granted priority speaker status, a channel and.

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Teamspeak 3 server auto afk

teamspeak 3 server auto afk

This is because some players do use auto-responding scripts. If you do not answer the question, you will be considered AFK and punished accordingly. You get numerous chances to answer the question, spanning approximately 1 minute. The staff member will spawn a large brightly colored item (IE: a monster, wall, statue, or animated sparkles) that will then ask you a simple question. The question will appear above your character’s head. You must answer the question accurately (spelling isn’t a major issue so long as it’s close). A staff member does rounds of all players actively performing tasks which are not permitted to be performed AFK. Saying “I’m here”, answering with a ‘funny’ response, or other phrase(s) are not considered an answer and can result in being jailed anyway.

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