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Please Note: We have decided that port forwarding is not a major consideration when it comes to choosing a good VPN for torrenting. Not only is port forwarding only useful when a provider uses an NAT firewall, but its practical benefits aren’t clear enough to prioritise it over factors such as speed, customer support, strong […]

Best vpn service torrenting

Unlimited Bandwidth • Zero Logs • 100% Anonymity. Hide your IP and torrent anonymously with the best and fastest VPN for torrenting.

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This is a new torrent website which has made its position in the best movie torrent sites list. You can get a list of best movies, TV Serials, Games, Music and Animes torrent list as well as a search box which you can use to download any torrent file.

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We have a TorGuard Review, but IMO reviewer Dmitri (who is not longer with us) is somewhat off the mark. I think that TorGuard offers a good service overall. It is a little on the pricey side, strong encryption is only available on a very limited number of servers (and could be better even there, […]

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Highlights of VPN IP services. People in now days are all looking for commercial VPN service to enhance their online security and safety.

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Next to only one max connection, you won’t have access to any of their unique features such as high-priority servers, their Secure Core, Tor integration etc. Situated in Switzerland and with so many privacy accolades under their belt, Proton is 100% the single most privacy-conscious VPN provider in the world, with no logging.

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I know most of you wonder which torrenting site is the best one to use. This website may got blocked in some countries, You can use VPN to access it from. Find the list of the best torrent sites in 2016. Torrent files you download from free torrent sites will actually need. Read this post […]

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For our Windows VPN client, we have a feature called “Connection guard”, which will close a selected program(s) if the connection drop. OpenVPN TUN with AES-256. We have no tools for DNS leak but we’re working on a protection that detects the DNS leak and fixes this by changing to a secure DNS server. On […]

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Illegal file-sharers could be booted off the internet by summer 2011, says Lord Mandelson. The Business Secretary, who has been charged with ironing out the UK’s plans to tackle internet piracy, revealed that disconnecting repeat offenders will be a last resort.

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Whatever the reason, torrenters in India may prefer to connect to servers in Hong Kong or Europe. Note that this is mainly to reduce the load BitTorrent traffic puts on their servers, rather than from some moral imperative. Indeed, it seems some Indian ISPs have developed rather unorthodox alternative tactics to deal with this issue. […]