Linux add user group without logout

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Enter your database information, e-mail address and password into the Installation page and click “Install. Php” to the main directory of your SuperCali installation. ” The script will generate the necessary tables in the database and display the code for your configuration file. Cut and paste this code into a new file and save it as “config.

However, eventually hardware specs will catch up, and meanwhile, Qubes OS is showing how to make security accessible. The only drawback to Qubes OS is its memory overhead. Requiring at least 4MB of RAM (and personally I would recommend 8 or even 16GB), Qubes OS is simply not practical on many computers.

Okay, fair enough, except for one thing– App Protector Pro wouldn’t run without the App Store. Well, it did, it started to, tried to, but then exited. So I couldn’t re-install the App Store:. So, here’s where I screwed up: App Protector Pro was doing its faithful duty and I uninstalled the Amazon App Store as an experiment. Suddenly, no apps obtained from the App Store would work unless I reinstalled the App Store.

Add_header X-XSS-Protection “1; mode=block”;. Logout of the html user:. How To Setup an Arch. You may also want to use the command visudo to allow users in the wheel group to use sudo. GNU Social requires a database.

linux add user group without logout

Still, one thing a list like this makes clear is that the total number of distributions might be declining, but the diversity of Linux variants is as strong as ever. Even if you don’t find any of these choices to your liking, dig around and you should find several distributions that you can live with.

Mario and Flashback Samples
Thanks to LuigiBlood who sent in some samples that allowed me to test out my new script for automatically syncing the repositories and updating the samples RSS feed. First, there are CPC multimedia files from the Japanese 3DO port of Flashback: The Quest for Identity. Then, there is an Interplay MVE file on the CD version of Mario Teaches Typing in which the video doesn’t decode correctly.

This change might cause problems when migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 with existing users. Add one or more groups to user.

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When a recording artist gets an award for going gold or platinum, the record in the award frame is rarely the record they actually recorded. While early awards would put “masters”, “mothers”, or “stampers” (metal parts used for pressing records out of vinyl) in the frame, today it is far more common for there just to be a random record in there with the official label pasted on (modern awards often use CDs).

If the software (command) is not written to respond to a particular signal, then the sending of the signal to the process is futile. The software was written to trap for the signal so that it could respond to it. In the previous example, the HUP signal was sent to the process.

I started experimenting with this on a Nexus One phone that Google gave me. When I installed the App Store on the Android tablet and logged in, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of my Amazon apps ready for downloading onto the tablet. Enter Amazon’s Android App Store
Amazon got into the business of selling Android Apps some time ago.

Installing a new package with up2date: up2date package-name
The package name is given without the version number. If the package is not currently installed, it will be downloaded and installed, along with any dependencies that package requires.

All you need to do is to add your user. $ sudo usermod -a -G wireshark Then log out and in. Users in this group can capture network traffic. If someone is in a position. Account into the group like this:. 0 (X11; Fedora; Linux x86_64; rv:51.

linux add user group without logout

Linux copy paste command line without mouse

EazyTrix: Basic Microsoft Word shortcut keys

OSX Terminal
Copy: AppleC
Paste: AppleV
Note: Apps that take mouse control (like vim and links) may override what it means to select text, in which case copy won’t work the way you expect it to. Mouse interaction with apps is disabled by default in your terminal settings, so most people won’t even know about this. In those cases, hold down Control while you drag the mouse to select.

While the Windows command line is not considered as powerful as a Linux’s, here are some Windows command line tips and tricks not everyone might know about.

How do I effectively copy and paste input and output in the Windows PowerShell.

Copy/Paste in terminal without using mouse. Linux removes the wall. Instead of using a mouse to copy/paste the mac addresses when typing in commands.

Install and update Drupal themes and modules automatically ...

On a three-button mouse without a wheel, just click the middle button to paste. For more information about how to read and execute Linux command-line.

However, the terminal application you see on your Linux systems is an emulator that replicates the jobs of a real-world terminal. The first piece of text you see when you land on the shell is called prompt. It signifies system’s readiness to execute commands. The shell is accessed using the Terminal – a hardware device used to input data into, and displaying device from.

The command line gives you the glue to put these programs together in an almost infinite number of ways. Even better, by learning the basics of writing shell script programs, you can run a complex command-line operation by typing just one word. Each of those programs does one little job–such as listing your files, searching for particular text, or sending an email message. This is why it’s worth your while to learn to use the Unix command line and Unix windows. (A shell script is basically a series of command lines pasted into a file. Long before Unix did windows, its powerful command-line interface evolved. (It’s still evolving, by the way. ) The command line lets you string together hundreds of Unix building-block utility programs. Once you’ve learned the basic operations on a command line, as well as some basic utility programs, you’ll have power that window system users can’t dream of having (unless those users also happen to be programmers).

linux copy paste command line without mouse

My answer offers a simple command in three different syntaxes, which all work
equally, but one is a bit shorter and easier to type than the .

The car responds to your actions performed using the dashboard. Take the example of a car; the body of the car is the terminal and the dashboard can be considered as the shell where you perform various operations like acceleration, reverse, shifting, etc. Many people often confuse the terms shell and terminal. Similarly, the terminal displays responses for the commands executed using the shell or CLI.

Pingback: Use Mouse Buttons to Perform Copy / Paste in Linux. Once you have entered the script paths in Command line 0 and Command line 1, go to “Button.

Copy and paste in a Linux command line. Highlight the text you want to copy by left-clicking with your mouse at the start of the text, then dragging.

Hello, I often need to copy some text line from the command line in an text. Distribution:
Ubuntu, Slackware, Gentoo, Fedora, Red Hat, Puppy Linux. The
text and copy it, but how can I copy the text without using the mouse for. Thease
are the origianal unix copy and paste shortcuts because of couse.

linux copy paste command line without mouse

Linux copy directory structure without files with permissions

linux copy directory structure without files with permissions

But most your normal apps will be /usr/bin, and anything more than basic system commands for maintenance that an administrator might use in NORMAL system runtime situations (As in, not trying to fix something broken. It’s basically there for the sake of programs that make no attempts to follow the FHS at all, typically proprietary applications. ) will be in /usr/sbin. Though sometimes some big extras can be placed there, like a 32-bit chroot environment or multilib.

-a -f"+ */" -f"- *" source/ destination/. Same structure, same permissions. Would copy all files with hard links. (note: hard links, so no storage .

Gandi Kitchen – Hosting

The translation between username and userid (uid) is stored in the /etc/passwd file, and the translation from groupname to groupid (gid) is in the /etc/group file. The /etc/passwd file also includes the users primary (default) group and the /etc/group file includes all users that are members of each group (although does not list the user where that is their primary group).

Get all files from a directory without read permissions. How can I recursively copy files by file extension, preserving directory structure.

Alternatively it is sometimes possible to right click on an application icon and choose “Run as adminstrator” or “Run as root”. When access is required in a graphical application then it will normally be set-up to prompt for the appropriate authentication automatically. The commands su and sudo are run on the command line, but there is a graphical version called gksudo. When logging on to a Linux computer you will normally have user level privileges. To elevate to root user access the commands su or sudo are used. These can actually be used to switch to any user, but it is most commonly used when root privileges are required.

Copy all files recursively without replacing. How can I gzip and copy files to another folder keeping its directory structure with one command in Linux.

linux copy directory structure without files with permissions

For example there is directory C:/test and C:/test2. Using the command line, I'd like to copy one directory to another. I'd like to copy C:/test into C:/test2 so that.

This guide describes three methods to easily copy directory structures (without files) in Windows: (1) with the command line, (2) with GUI tools .

When backing up or restoring an ACL with iCACLS, you must do so for an entire directory (using /save and /restore ) even if you are only interested in the ACEs for a few individual files. An access control list (ACL) is a list of access control entries (ACE). In practice most permissions are set at the per-directory level.

If something beyond the standard file permissions is required then access control lists can be used instead (ACLs). The use of ACLs is less commonly used and they are not discussed in detail here. Members of the same department). For example it is possible to restrict access to the owner; make files publicly viewable but only editable by the owner and also to apply different permissions based on a group (e. The access permission design allows a good amount of flexibility in what permissions can be applied. There also also features that can also be used to give permissions as though another user (suid).

If you do not want symlinks, modification dates, file permissions. Below and copy them to /target maintaining the directory structure rooted in.

JNI development environment to build and the first JNI ...

Freebsd enable firewall without reboot

The –update flag will re-download the SMP kernel in the event that Michael releases a new revision of the kernel. Michael also has a pre-built copy of the latest generic-pc image with SMP available for download from his page. The script requires pseudo-device vn built into your kernel. When first run, it downloads the latest SMP kernel from Michael’s site and updates the image.

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Linux add route without restart

Linux add a default gateway (route) using ip command. Advertising which is your right, and advertising revenues are not sufficient to cover my operating costs. How do I make routing changes persistent across reboots.

If it already exists, add the key from ”’id_rsa. Pub”’ to the end of the file. Since that’s outside the range. You can use this to repair the main linux partition using e2fsck if the linux partition. On reboot, you should see a line like the following:,pre>. Restart the Raspberry Pi.

Heres everything you need to know to get started in setting up Linux routing parameters.

Without extra fuss you can’t add a ‘new’ network interface to a vServer, no matter if it. Route add -net 192. Afterwards, restart MySQL (/etc/init. Add the ip on the host. D/mysqld restart) and then review MySQL variables (. 2 If you need different.

IMAP thread pool sizing is very different from HTTP/POP3 thread pool sizing. Some IMAP clients create as many as 4 simultaneous connections to the server. IMAP clients connect and leave the connections open for long periods of time. With IMAP NIO being the default on ZCS8, there is no need to change the zimbraImapNumThreads to support more IMAP connection since a single thread can handle multiple connections. IMAP protocol, by nature, also places a lot of load on servers. The default value is sufficient for up to 10,000 active IMAP clients.

File isn’t
found it simply exits, but if not, it parses the entries one line at a time doing a “/
sbin/route add -$args” on each entry. So, what
would be the best way to permanently add that route to my system. Does this work in gentoo linux. The only problem is that this route disappears if I reboot my system.

In the 1st part of the IP Routing series, we learned the fundamentals of Linux IP Routing. Route command is used to show/manipulate the IP routing table.

It adopts a cookbook format that provides a clearly documented set of procedures for installing and configuring z/VM in an LPAR and then installing and customizing Linux. This book is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES9) for zSeries, and both 31-bit and 64-bit distributions are addressed. 1 media, and a Linux distribution. ” The abstract states:
This redbook describes how to roll your own Linux virtual servers on IBM zSeries under z/VM. 03/25/2005 – Steve Gentry spotted a draft version of a new Redbook, “z/VM and Linux on zSeries: From LPAR to Virtual Servers in Two Days, SG24-6695. You will need a zSeries logical partition (LPAR) with associated resources, z/VM 5. 53538

>> Read knowledge base >>. You can arbitrarily expand monitoring possibilities by running a script or program over SSH connection to Linux server. A: Yes, you can monitor servers running Linux and any other operating system reachable by various protocols supported by IPHost (such as SSH, HTTP(S), SMTP and so on). SNMP monitors are recommended to gather information on traffic and system resources.

The routers would then add new or improved routes to their routing tables. ) Routers use RIP to broadcast the routing table over UDP port 520. If multiple routes are possible, RIP will choose the shortest route. Dynamic routes: RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is used to define dynamic routes. (Fewest hops between routers not physical distance.

To make sure Creative Cloud’s file sync is on, go to Creative Cloud, click the cog, select “Preferences”, then “Creative Cloud” then “Files” and the sync function is there. The screenshots below illustrate how to get there on a Mac; sorry, I can’t help with Windows.

H: Fix compile error for 1 and 2 byte cmpxchg [S390] smp: fix lowcore allocation [S390] zcore: CPU registers are not saved under LPAR. Commit c27b9a2e6c29eac2fe770bd1071007c9f8c43de5 Merge: 20dba4596fd768b2d9154e3258871ebdd2c9fa29 06c0dd72aea3985d0ea036f771ebb1d1083bf69f Author: Linus Torvalds Date: Wed Mar 24 16:36:53 2010 -0700 Merge branch ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 6 * ‘for-linus’ of git://git390. 03/26/2010 – New mainline Linux kernel updates for System z from git390.

Freebsd pkg without x11

Somewhat surprisingly, the X11 mouse (cursor) shape is write-only and cannot be queried from the X server. So traditionally in x11vnc the cursor shape stays fixed at an arrow. We have seen a few cases where the hardware fb read speed is greater than 65 MB/sec: on high end graphics workstations from SGI and Sun, and also from a Linux user using nvidia proprietary drivers for his nvidia video card. ) The XBell() “beeps” will work if the X server supports the XKEYBOARD extension. ) To do this one puts the line Option “ShadowFB” “true” in the Device section of the /etc/X11/XF86Config or /etc/X11/xorg. See also the description of the -create option that does all of this automatically for you (be sure to install the Xvfb package, e. To get a sense of the read and write speeds of your video card, you can run benchmarks like: “x11perf -getimage500”,  “x11perf -putimage500”,  “x11perf -shmput500” and for XFree86 displays with direct graphics access the “dga” command (press “b” to run the benchmark and then after a few seconds press “q” to quit. Xinitrc — /usr/X11R6/bin/Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x16″ x11vnc can poll Xvfb efficiently via main memory. ) See this FAQ for details. Sometimes they have a read rate of over 400 MB/sec. 5-1 sec to read in the whole video hardware framebuffer (e. A slow framebuffer read rate will often be the performance bottleneck on a fast LAN (whereas on slower links the reduced network bandwidth becomes the bottleneck. )

Also, a faster and more accurate way is to use the “dummy” Xorg/XFree86 device driver (or our Xdummy wrapper script. X11vnc also prints out its estimate: 28/02/2009 11:11:07 Autoprobing TCP port 28/02/2009 11:11:07 Autoprobing selected port 5900 28/02/2009 11:11:08 fb read rate: 10 MB/sec 28/02/2009 11:11:08 screen setup finished. 5MB for 1280×1024 at depth 24 with a read rate of 5-10MB/sec. Using -threads can expose some bugs/crashes in libvncserver. Passing +kb to Xsun enables it. Esd, see the FAQ on this below. )

The scroll detection algorithm for the -scrollcopyrect option can give choppy or bunched up transient output and occasionally painting errors. On the machine’s local display. Moving or iconifying a large window) there is a delay of 0. Another amusing thing one can do is use Xvfb as the X server, e. 5-1 sec while x11vnc reads the changed regions in. Nevertheless this could be handy in some circumstances, e. ) Even this “dd if=/dev/fb0 of=/dev/null” often gives a good estimate. Update 2008: thankfully, these sped up drivers are becoming more common on Linux and *BSD systems and that makes x11vnc run somewhat more quickly. )

Audio from applications is of course not redirected (separate redirectors do exist, e. ) The difference can be a factor of 10 to 1000, and so it usually takes about 0. ) Unfortunately it does not seem shadowfb can be turned on and off dynamically. (Note that on Solaris XKEYBOARD is disabled by default. (see the “-cursor X” and “-cursor some” options, however, for a partial hack for the root window, etc. )

Note: A quick way to get a 2X speedup of this for x11vnc is to switch your X server from depth 24 (32bpp) to depth 16 (16bpp. ) Recent work has provided the -scrollcopyrect and -wireframe speedups using the CopyRect VNC encoding and other things, but they only speed up some activities, not all. It’s not exactly clear why one would want to do this instead of using vncserver/Xvnc, (perhaps to take advantage of an x11vnc feature, such as framebuffer scaling or built-in SSL encryption), but we mention it because it may be of use for special purpose applications. Note that this disables 2D acceleration at the physical display and so that might be unacceptable if one plays games, etc. On XFree86/Xorg it is actually possible to increase the framebuffer read speed considerably (10-100 times) by using the Shadow Framebuffer (a copy of the framebuffer is kept in main memory and this can be read much more quickly. A similar thing is done on IRIX as well when -overlay is supplied. A rate limiting factor for x11vnc performance is that graphics hardware is optimized for writing, not reading (x11vnc reads the video framebuffer for the screen image data. You may need to use the “-cc 4” option to force Xvfb to use a TrueColor visual instead of DirectColor. However most of these have been fixed over the years. More generally, as of Dec/2004 x11vnc supports the new XFIXES extension (in Xorg and Solaris 10) to query the X server for the exact cursor shape, this works pretty well except that cursors with transparency (alpha channel) need to approximated to solid RGB values (some cursors look worse than others. If the slower speed while sitting at the physical display was acceptable (this seems to be true for most video cards these days. Experiment with interacting a bit differently than you normally do to minimize the effects (e. Do fullpage paging rather than line-by-line scrolling, and move windows in a single, quick motion. ) You get a 4X speedup going to 8bpp, but the lack of color cells is usually unacceptable. Due to the polling nature, some activities (opaque window moves, scrolling), can be pretty choppy/ragged and others (exposures of large areas) slow. ) So whenever activity changes most of the screen (e. ) However, on Solaris using the SUN_OVL overlay extension, x11vnc can show the correct mouse cursor when the -overlay option is also supplied.

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