Windows 7 vpn client not working

windows 7 vpn client not working

Go to your network adapters in Control Panel. Do the exact same thing for your local area connection (wired or wireless) but set the metric to something much higher, like 50. Right-click on the Cisco Systems VPN adapter, make sure Internet Protocol Version 6 is unchecked, click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and go to Properties. Set the metric to 1.

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Php server name not working

php server name not working

But before we begin building our web app, we’ll use the WPI to set up our development environment. NET framework and various open source applications, to name just a few. The Microsoft Web Platform Installer, or WPI, is a unified installer for web applications and related software. The installer also configures Internet Information Services (the web server included with Windows) for these components, so getting started is easy. WPI can install PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, the.

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