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    Since I send my mail via a Talktalk connection and a talktalk server I would have thought this was a talktalk problem. Well, I've used Office 2010 (and Outlook) since 2010 on BT, then O2 and now TalkTalk with no problems. The fact that TT do not support. Talktalk and Outlook TalkTalk. If so should I look .

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    I’ll teach you how to add those notifications in a later article. Today, I want to talk about a dilemma many people face with their IMAP accounts on Outlook 2010 involving an error that says that the IMAP server has closed the connection. When you add an IMAP account to Microsoft Outlook 2010, you end up with a number of problems; one of the most annoying being that the notifications don’t work. Perhaps one of the most annoying things about Outlook 2010 is the fact that some of its functions don’t work with IMAP server connections.

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    To fix the Outlook, we will have to fix the components as well as optimize the performance of the computer. Press Windows key and the alphabet ‘R’ together. You would be able to view the Run dialog box to put the command “Outlook /safe” (without quotes) and press Enter key. Let’s try finding out if it is a component issue related to add-ons, security software interfering the performance or anything related to Outlook within
    Outlook /safe
    This command will help you start Outlook with just the basic components. Now, Outlook should pop open, if the issue is not related to external errors.

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