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  It provides an opportunity for thought leaders from technology end user organizations, technology suppliers, academia, and government to convene to discuss emerging technologies and trends and share use cases.   This year was no exception.   The Orlando Forum seems to attract more and more quality speakers, participants, and sponsors every year. The 2017 ARC Industry Forum represented the 21st edition of this annual event.   This event also often serves as a catalyst for important industrywide initiatives.

[189 Pages Report] Process Automation & Instrumentation Market research report categorizes by Instrument (Field Instrument, Control Valve, Analyzer), Solution (APC.

Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant® Solutions Partner Program (VPS Partner Program) creates a collaborative partnership with select System Integrator’s (SI’s) to deliver.

  Resource shortages are undermining the effectiveness of established defenses.    Broader deployment of operational technology is expanding the use cases requiring protection. Challenges continue to grow for the industrial cybersecurity community.   Blurring boundaries between IT, OT and IoT are increasing the need for more integrated, collaborative cybersecurity strategies.

vps yokogawa

VPS Partner Program Yokogawa Corporation of America offers a comprehensive Solution. Yokogawa assumes responsibility over the entire automation related aspects of the project. Yokogawa’s main automation contractor (MAC) service delivers the full scope of project.

This 2019 standard will enable high speed communication to process field devices over distances as long as 1 kM. This will be a multi-vendor/multi‐protocol device-to-cloud demonstration of both FDI and OPC UA. FDI, OPC UA, and Ethernet for Process Field Devices
The FieldComm Group and the OPC Foundation will explain and demonstrate their newest technologies for process automation.   Also, as part of a new supplier consortium, FieldComm Group will explain its conformance program for devices that will use the future 2‐wire Ethernet standard now in development by the IEEE 802.

  Smart cities present tremendous opportunities for industrial IoT vendors, but the technical challenges, vast number of players in this ecosystem, and the fact that it bridges private, public, and consumer realms makes navigating and succeeding in this market a challenge.   Cybersecurity, connectivity, and working with municipal bureaucracy remain the biggest challenges, but other obstacles include exponential data volume growth, data cleansing speed, the need to go from cloud to edge architectures, quantifying results, interoperability, and human fears/resistance to transformational change such as AI. As computing power, bandwidth, and the cost of microprocessor electronics and sensors all approach zero, the ability for municipalities to deploy massive wide-area networks of intelligent devices is slowly becoming reality.

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  The ability of these applications to access, analyze, and process industrial data is central to the IIoT value proposition. Industrial Internet platforms play an integral role in analytics, big data, remote asset monitoring, performance management, decision support, universal visualization, and the value chains for connected products and products-as-a-service.

A collection of magazines, from 1963 to 2000, all in PDF format.

VigilantPlant is Yokogawa’s automation concept for safe, reliable and profitable plant operations Our concept is for a plant to be a place where people can be.

  Design software can link to additive machines to print parts directly.   Streetlights, cars, gas turbines, and thermostats stream data.   Everywhere we turn, things and processes are becoming more connected and intelligent.   Buildings, refineries, oil platforms, mines, and wind turbines are optimizing asset and operating performance.   And it’s only the beginning.   Parking meters and distributed power grids deliver value to both consumers and operators.

: Using Applied Industry Knowledge to Solve Key End User Issues. By ARC Advisory Group ARC WHITE PAPER FEBRUARY 2011 Yokogawa vigilantplantservices®.

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    Zabbix Agent is used to monitor remote systems by Zabbix server. How To Install Zabbix Agent on CentOS, RHEL 7/6/5 System with the help of this article.

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    Ansible is a free & open source Configuration and automation tool for UNIX like operating system. Tutorial on how to install and use Ansible on CentOS 7.

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    Several popular OS distributions have Zabbix packages provided. You can use these packages to install Zabbix.

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    When using the ‘function’ keyword, Bash function declarations are not compatible with Bourne/Korn/POSIX scripts (the Korn shell has the same problem when using ‘function’), but Bash accepts the same function declaration syntax as the Bourne and Korn shells, and is POSIX-conformant. But in POSIX mode, Bash conforms with POSIX more closely. Because of these and other differences, Bash shell scripts are rarely runnable under the Bourne or Korn shell interpreters unless deliberately written with that compatibility in mind, which is becoming less common as Linux becomes more widespread.

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    在 DOS 年代還記得將一堆指令寫在一起的所謂的『批次檔』吧?在 Linux 底下的 shell scripts 則發揮更為強大的功能,可以將你平時管理系統常需要下達的連續指令寫成一個檔案, 該檔案並且可以透過對談互動式的方式來進行主機的偵測工作!也可以藉由 shell 提供的環境變數及相關指令來進行設計,哇!整個設計下來幾乎就是一個小型的程式語言了!該 scripts 的功能真的是超乎鳥哥的想像之外!以前在 DOS 底下需要程式語言才能寫的東西,在 Linux 底下使用簡單的 shell scripts 就可以幫你達成了!真的厲害!這部分我們在第十二章再來談!.

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