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Zabbix server debian wheezy

zabbix server debian wheezy

MariaDB is a binary drop-in replacement for MySQL, developed by original authors of MySQL Project and fully compatible with MySQL and better performance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Файлы пакетов доступны по адресу repo. Репозитории yum и apt также доступны на сервере.

Besides the documentation is a living piece and changes a lot. I’ve been doing a video series on Zabbix already so I know how little fun it can be. Re-editing videos is a pain. There are topics that are nice to digest with a glass of wine and a bag of potato chips while sitting on the sofa. But this topic appears to work better with good old text. But there aren’t any.

To install and configure LAMP server On Debian 7 and Ubuntu 13.

zabbix server debian wheezy

When regularly installing Linux hosts or VM’s, it easily becomes annoying to constantly burn CD’s/DVD’s or mount ISO’s for all the Linux distributions that you want to deploy. Booting your installations from the network, using a PXE boot server, makes life a lot easier and isn’t very hard to setup. Especially if you want to keep them current or customize them you’ll end up with a whole lot of discs. In this post I’ll explain how to setup such a PXE boot server that is able to provide multiple Linux distribution installations for deployment over the network.

Both PLAIN-MD5 and SHA256-CRYPT encryption formats are supported to work with older ISPmail installations. For those who wish to use Rainloop webmail instead of Roundcube, I wrote a plugin to allow user password change in MySQL DB : https://github.

Io plugin for example and can keep track of broken links automatically. I’ll improve the graphics using the WordPress draw. The tutorial is written as usual here on the website (running on WordPress). It’s the easist way to manage it for me. It if were in DocBook, ReST or Markdown syntax it would surely belong to a Github/Gitlab instance.

El Rincón del Software: Instalacion de MediaWiki 1.20.5 ...

Network monitoring solution – server (using MySQL).

I’m an experienced sysadmin and MySQL database administrator, but up until a few years ago I never had to set up a fully-functional mail server (just needed to get a working setup to send mail to the outside world). Through your tutorials I have learned so much about running a mail server, and because of your help, I have successfully set up about a dozen mail servers on Wheezy and Jessie, a couple for my own usage (which I deviated from your guide in a few places to get things exactly as I wanted), and several for others (which I followed the guide precisely, because the setup it provides was sufficient for their needs). Thanks so much for these mail server walkthroughs.

Wondering if you could add that to your blog. But i don’t know how to further configure it for live migration. Have you installed Virtualization 4 yet. I am from the vmware world trying to cross over. I have installed the M, and two hosts, and added the hosts to the Virtualziation Manager.

How exactly do you secure anything when you have clients running XP. You seem interested in securing email, but you also care about XP clients unable to connect. It seems that this year should have scared everyone running XP and given service providers enough arguments to *force* their customers to abandon XP. This is so confusing, in late 2017.

Your tutorials here look superb, thank you for all of your effort. Do you have an ETA for the new Stretch tutorial. I’m just trying to decide between waiting for the new one (I realize Stretch has only been out 1 week) or just setting up on Jessie. I look forward to setting up my own email server soon.

El Rincón del Software: Instalacion de MediaWiki 1.20.5 ...

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  8. What is the exact error. Wheezy-backports is still current, so it should work. You could also try adding the repo directly to your /etc/apt/sources. Org/Backports (under Using the command line). You find more detailed information over here: https://wiki.

  9. And when i dispite the error try to install acording to the next step in the tutorial i receive the following message:
    WAARSCHUWING: De volgende pakketten kunnen niet geauthentificeerd worden:
    strongswan-ike strongswan-starter libstrongswan strongswan-libcharon strongswan-charon
    libcharon-extra-plugins libstrongswan-standard-plugins strongswan
    Wilt u deze pakketten installeren zonder verificatie [j/N].

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